7 Healthy Habits to Stop Neck Pain Before It Starts

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Prevention is always the best course when it comes to dealing with neck pain. Thankfully, just some slight adjustments in your daily routine can go a long way in helping stop neck pain before it starts. Try incorporating these seven healthy habits into your daily routine, then do a health check to see how much better you feel. Starting a health journal is a great way to keep track of your progress! 

#1: Keep your spine aligned and practice good posture.

Chiropractic adjustments aren’t solely for when you have pain. Regular adjustments keep your cervical spine aligned and helps you focus on practicing good posture throughout the week. 

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#2: Limit time spent looking at your smartphone.

It’s not surprising that this makes the list as we’re all guilty of hunching over our phone to read messages, text, email, play a game, or scroll social media. Looking down at your screen for an extended period of time puts extra strain on your joints, ligaments, and discs, and can lead to long term or chronic neck pain. 

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#3: Try a different sleep position or get a new pillow.

As a rule, it’s best to sleep on a pillow that supports and maintains the natural curve in your neck. Which pillow is best for you is largely determined by the cause of your neck problems and your sleep preferences. If you would like to explore which pillow is best for you, ask your alignlife doctors about the benefits of Proper Pillow and how it can help you. Proper PIllows are available for purchase at all alignlife locations.

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#4: Create an ergonomic workspace.

One of the best things you can do when sitting at your desk is to make sure your computer monitor is at eye level. Also, making sure your entire workspace fits you from an ergonomic standpoint—from desk to chair—will go a long way to helping your ward off neck pain. 

man working remotely; ergonomic workspace

#5: Carry your work bag or book bag properly.

Instead of carrying your work bag or book bag on one shoulder, fit your bag for both shoulders (if applicable) and balance the weight on your body as best as you can. 

young businesses man carrying backpack style work bag

#6: Don’t sit for hours without taking a break.

Excessive sitting is another bad habit that brings on neck pain and added tension. Take frequent breaks while sitting at your computer for work or on the road in the car. Even if it’s just a simple 5-minute walk-and-stretch session, your body will thank you.

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#7: Stretch daily

Some simple stretches for your neck not only help relieve the tension but will also help you strengthen the muscles that support your neck.

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