Can You Sweat Out Body Toxins?

Sporty young woman sweating after using exercise to help sweat out body toxins

Check out these five proven workouts to help your body sweat out toxins and function at its best level of health. The Romans, Turks, Native Americans, and Scandinavians all have something in common: they use sweating as a healing practice. Today, sweating is still considered a restorative practice. From sweat-inducing workouts to saunas and steam rooms, […]

6 Fall Exercises to Get You Moving in Nature

Happy Hispanic family with two children walking in a forest

Try these fall exercises to refresh your body and help you reach your health goals. Fall is a beautiful time to get out and enjoy nature at its finest.  Crisp air filling your lungs, the crunch of the leaves under your feet, or the faint smell of a bonfire are just a few of the […]

5 Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Headaches and Find Natural Relief

group of four women going to outdoor yoga class

The next time a headache hits you, before reaching for those pain pills, try popping some yoga poses for headache relief instead! Headaches and migraines often come at the most inconvenient times in life… the day of a big presentation, the night before a final exam, or even right in the middle of a toddler tantrum. […]

Six 5-minute Energy Boosters You Can Do Anywhere

Mixed race woman exercising in park with mature friends - boosting energy

Short on time? Here are six quick and easy energy booster exercises. What if you could wake up each morning energized and feeling ready to take on the day? How would your life be different if your default mood was calm and positive, instead of stressed and exhausted? What could you accomplish if you could […]

7 Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

woman working out looking for answers to inflammation

Inflammation does more than make your joints hurt. It can also stop you from reaching your health goals. Here’s how to reduce inflammation in the body fast.  If you’ve ever dealt with chronic inflammation, you know that it’s not something you want to live with long-term. Thankfully, whether you’re fighting inflammation due to an autoimmune […]

Understanding Heart Health and Warning Signs to Look For

women's heart health - two diverse women happy

Heart health combines many factors including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and BMI. Let’s dive into how to get to your best level of heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women, causing one in four male deaths and one in five female deaths a year. While men’s health experts have […]

5 Ways a Cleanse Can “Bring Sexy Back”

group of women making healthy choices in kitchen - detoxing - ultimate body cleanse

This is still one of my favorite catchy tunes. It’s a great song by Justin Timberlake, but unfortunately “Bring sexy back” isn’t as easy as belting out some lyrics to your steering wheel.  If it was as easy as singing that song, I don’t think two out of every three people in America today would […]

6 Tips to Get Motivated to Exercise

woman stretching after jogging

Finding the motivation to start working out is not an easy feat on most days. Sprinkle in the stress of the past couple years, and all of a sudden, things just feel even harder even when we know our bodies crave movement and routine.  So let’s take a look at a more simplified plan of […]

Trail Running as a Type of Moving Meditation

Trail running - close up of runners feet running through leaves - AlignLife

When you talk to people about running, more often than not, they conjure images of big road races, where they’re one of 1,000+ other runners careening down a major city street. Many people don’t realize that there’s a more therapeutic type of running out there that’s actually more meditative and invigorating: trail running. Better yet, […]

4 Simple Reasons for Brain Fog

confused mature woman with brain fog sitting at laptop

In a fast-paced world, it seems more common than ever to experience bouts of confusion, forgetfulness, or just the inability to focus. Often these lapses in clarity are symptoms of a larger issue. Brain Fog is a state in which your brain experiences a state of overload and has trouble communicating its immediate needs to […]

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