Getting a Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Your Mindset

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Most of us would agree that when we hear people talk about a healthy lifestyle, the talk is all about diet and exercise.  People seem to think what you eat and how you move forms the basis for a healthy lifestyle and achieving weight loss.  But what I’ve found over the years, is that at the very foundation of every lifestyle change and weight loss goal is the need to change the way we think!


The bottom line is there is no quick fix, no one answer, and no one program that will work for everyone. Getting a healthy lifestyle is all about the way we approach our lives, how we think, and how we process information that determines whether or not we will be able to successfully experience the transformation to a healthy, happy, and inspired lifestyle. 


6 Ways To Approach Your Health with a New Mindset

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#1: There is no one right answer; the answer is as individual as you are.

Everyone’s definition of a wellness journey is their own customized version.  What works for you, may or may not work for someone else.  The road I took to pursue a healthy lifestyle will not be the same one you decide to go down.  Healthy living is a choice, based on your preferences, your goals, and your lifestyle.  There is no wrong or right way.


#2: Journal your food, your thoughts, and your feelings.  

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It’s a proven success tool for weight loss. Think about what you are eating, when you are eating, and why you are eating. Write it down, make it a conscious choice, and think about what you are doing before you do it.


#3: Education is essential to making better choices; learn it once and use it for a lifetime.  

Find more credible resources like this site, and take the time to invest in yourself and your family.  Don’t trust manufacturers to provide you with information regarding healthy choices.  There are many trustworthy resources in your community, online, and in bookstores that will enable you to make better choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise.


#4: Make sure you are thinking clearly and don’t allow yourself to fall into the I’ll start on Monday trap.

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And just because you make one unhealthy choice, don’t allow it to influence the rest of your day.  When you notice you have one flat tire – do you flatten the other three, or do you fix the one and move on? Don’t let one unhealthy choice derail you for the day, week, or month!  Leave the past in the past and move on to the future with anticipation and excitement.


#5: Find a solid support system that will work for you and with you.

Don’t rely on friends, family, or co-workers who may sabotage your efforts.  Reach out to a support group that will enforce healthy choices, find non-food rewards, and celebrate success with you in a new way. Spend time defining non-food rewards that will work for you! Food was never intended to be used as fun, it was intended to be used as nourishment.  Use it as such!


#6: Learn to recognize excuses, justifications, and judgment.  

Listen to how you talk to yourself!  Do you hear yourself say I can’t!  I was bad!, I ate terrible today! Take control of your behavior and take responsibility for your actions.  Be your own best friend. Take the time to recognize when you are not owning your actions and decide to come from a place of empowerment instead of powerlessness.  You are in control and you make the decisions.


Bottom Line on Shifting to a Healthier Mindset

Your mind is a very powerful tool and you are in control of that tool! Learn how to use it to your advantage. Also, there is no “right way”. The right way is the way that works for you!

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If you’re ready to get started, here’s a little homework for you.

Decide what a healthy lifestyle means to you.  Use a journal and write down the things that come to mind when you daydream about living a healthy happy lifestyle. These things should make you smile and feel good. Take extra effort to write them with a positive, life-affirming spin. This process will help to position your mind to understand where you are taking your body.  Recording these thoughts in an upbeat, optimistic way starts to help your mind, body, and soul to come into alignment with life-enhancing behaviors.


Need help setting some goals for a healthier lifestyle? 

Ask your local AlignLife Chiropractor how we can help! As a chiropractic and natural health center, AlignLife specializes in helping create plans that get your everyday habits, nutrition, exercise routines, and lifestyle choices on the right track!




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