Are Your Summer Sandals Wreaking Havoc??

female feet in flip flops

Flip flops and slip-ons are a summer staple in most closets. To be honest, they even seem like a necessity when the humidity and temperatures soar! But did you know that these types of summer sandal choices can wreak havoc on your feet, knees, and low back? In fact, the repetitive use of these shoes […]

Bacon Wrapped Lavender Glazed Baked Chicken

bacon wrapped baked chicken with lavender glaze

What?!? You didn’t know you could cook with lavender? ME EITHER! I bought a package of lavender awhile back aspiring to make lavender ice cream but just never seemed to have the time to make the recipe so it went to the back of my baking cupboard. I discovered this package yesterday while I was […]

Lavender Lemonade

lavender lemonade

Again this rogue bag of dried lavender in my baking cupboard is inspiring me. This lavender lemonade recipe is a refreshing twist on a classic for some interesting flavor notes and relaxation. I did not choose to add any special colors or fresh lavender flowers so no pretty purple color, but this drink has AMAZING […]

Chiropractic Care for Kids Supports Good Health for Life

It is becoming more common for parents to seek chiropractic care for their kids. Many of the problems seen in adults often begin in childhood, and start as early as birth. Birth trauma  including experiences during”natural” birth, can be traumatic to the developing spine and nervous system. Babies born via C-section, as well as those […]

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is essential, because pregnancy is a time of great change. One can see the obvious physical changes, such as a growing belly of the expectant mother, but what we don’t see are the millions of hormonal changes and chemical reactions that are taking place in the expectant mother. All of these […]

Chiropractic Adjustments for Bedwetting

Would you be shocked to hear that approximately 5 to 7 million children in the United States experience bedwetting after they have been potty trained? On average, children don’t stop wetting the bed until they are over 4-5 years of age. Why is bedwetting, also known as enuresis, such a common problem in the United […]

Chiropractic Care for Plagiocephaly (Flat Headedness)

(Health Secrets) Plagiocephaly, commonly known as flat headedness, is a condition of the skull where there is asymmetrical distortion, or flattening of one side. There are various theories about the causes of flat headedness: infants sleeping on their backs, muscular torticollis in which the head is tipped to one side while the chin is turned […]

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