Effective Colic Treatment with Chiropractic Care

(Health Secrets)  If you have ever been in a room with a colic baby, you would certainly know it. There is the ear piercing cry of a child in pain and the look of the exhausted, bewildered parents who would do anything to help their newborn child.

Colic affects 10-30% of infants worldwide, although there are no laboratory findings to confirm colic in newborns. Physicians use the “rule of three” to diagnose colic. If a child cries at least 3 hours a day, 3 or more days a week, for at least 3 weeks they are considered colic.

Common medical treatment for this condition usually includes anti-gas medications for the newborn. Another common treatment for colic is feeding the baby in an upright position to reduce the amount of air swallowed. Taking the baby on a walk or rocking it can also help, as motion can be soothing for a baby. Swaddling, warm baths and other palliative treatments may only provide marginal results. One large reason is that all fail to address a potentially larger issue that may have occurred during the birthing process.

Whether the birthing process is natural or by C-Section, it is very stressful not only to the mother but also to the infant. Some studies show up to 75 lbs of pulling force is used on the baby’s neck during the birth process! This amount of stress on the infant’s neck will often cause the vertebrae to shift out of their normal position (vertebral subluxation), leading to not only significant discomfort, but also a multitude of other symptoms. These may include but not limited to: ear infections, failure to thrive, constipation, torticollis, and inability to nurse properly.

Unknown to many parents, chiropractic is the safest and one of the most effective means of treating infant colic. Although there are various causes of colic, vertebral subluxations may attribute to a large percentage of these cases. That is why more and more parents are making the decision to have their newborns evaluated shortly after birth by their family chiropractor even when no symptoms are present.

One study showed a 67% reduction of crying in babies using chiropractic care over the course of two weeks, while only a 38% reduction was noted in babies taking anti-gas medications.

Another study of 316 children receiving chiropractic care for the treatment of colic had significant improvement, with 94% of the cases having satisfactory results! Significant improvement was noted on average within 3 adjustments over a period of about 2 weeks.

It is also a wise suggestion for parents to take careful consideration of their diaper changing habits, to prevent vertebral subluxations in their baby’s spine.

Chiropractic is safe, gentle and effective care for infants. AlignLife Chiropractors nationwide are trained in infant spinal care.

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