Adrenal and thyroid glands can make or break your life

(Health Secrets) In today’s world, the stress on the adrenal glands is almost unconscionable. Yet, the adrenal and thyroid glands function as sentries between stress in your life and malfunction in your body. Repairing the adrenal glands is of paramount importance to anyone seeking to restore their health.

The thyroid is connected to the adrenals and, though the thyroid is a popular subject among anyone wanting to be seen as alternative-friendly, it is almost invariably secondary to another problem. Together these two endocrine glands make or break your life, and together they are easier to heal than apart.

The adrenal glands are involved with reproductive health, energy levels and inflammation control. They secrete cortisol, which saves the brain from starvation and aids during stress. However useful cortisol is, if left unchecked, it destroys the immune system and overall health.

The adrenal glands become weak due to poor nutrition and over stimulation. Over stimulation comes from both stress and diet. Irritating, allergenic and pro-inflammatory foods (meaning breads, refined sugars, starches and processed foods of all types) are very stressful on the body, and call upon the adrenal glands to secrete chemical messengers to help control the situation.

When the adrenal glands become exhausted, energy is depleted, inflammation goes unchecked throughout the body and tiredness comes on earlier and earlier. Eventually and without warning, exhaustion sets in. Narcolepsy and chronic fatigue may then be diagnosed, and autoimmune diseases and cancer become increasingly likely as the body loses its drive to fight disease, contain excessive responses and heal damage.

The thyroid is another matter. Loss of energy and the presence of small amounts of edema may appear in the body as indicators of possible thyroid malfunction. Weight gain, though usually seen as directly linked to the thyroid, is actually not as common as one might think. Weight gain is not necessary with thyroid malfunction and often does not occur.

Thyroid malfunction, though often present in the obese, is not the cause of most obesity.  Actually, a pure thyroid malfunction will cause a loss of appetite proportionate to reduced metabolism and also a lowered digestion, both of which would maintain weight, not cause it to skyrocket. Boosting metabolism often increases appetite and digestion and does not result in weight loss either. The whole issue is grossly misunderstood.

The thyroid must be kept well, but it is important to know what exhausts it and why that exhausting force, rather than the thyroid itself, is the cause of much obesity. It bears another look.

The thyroid and adrenal glands are exhausted by the same things that cause most obesity, which are allergies and inflammation—primarily in the gut. The adrenals and thyroid both tend to be secondary to a primary organ. This is more true of the thyroid than the adrenal glands, though it is true of both. The adrenal glands malfunction secondary to the stomach and the thyroid secondary to the liver.

Inasmuch as the liver is not tended when one engages in thyroid repair, the thyroid will not become fully well. The same is less true of the stomach and adrenals. If we want to repair these glands, it is important to know how to repair them and cause them to regenerate, but it is equally vital to understand how to heal the primary organs involved and simultaneously reduce the burden of irritants, pro-inflammatory and allergenic particulates in food. The gut must be rested.

Here are the basics. In the gut is an estimated 2/3 of the body’s immune system and way over half of the nervous system. In the gut a whopping 80% of the body’s energy is used up. If you want to feel well, you absolutely must rest the gut, simplify its work and ease its tension. We simply must get the gut well if we wish to have health throughout our bodies. Bowel cleansing and good diet are forever the mantra of natural healers, and so it must be. Without that, nothing else has even a fighting chance.

To heal the body in any way, diet must be simplified. Meals should be simple, live or raw, well chewed and eaten with relaxation. On my website there is a course that discusses osteo (degenerative) arthritis and inflammatory arthritis in detail. In this course far more is discussed in detail about overall healing through healing the gut. If ever there were a place where the health of the gut was paramount, it is in the case of arthritis and auto immune disease. The body redirects resources to fulfill the needs of the gut. The immune system behaves like it is taught to behave in the gut.

We recommend simple meals of high quality food:

  • Fruit in the morning
  • More complex meals for lunch (still mostly raw and alive)
  • Totally raw, simple dinners completed before 6:30

We strongly recommend the removal of refined sweeteners, breads, starches and all processed food and all dairy from one’s diet in order to ease the burden on the digestive tract. Animal flesh should be kept to no more than one time per week, always at midday. Chew well, relax and feel grateful and loving while eating any food, EVERY time you eat.

The more difficult the situation, the more important it is to keep things simple. Candida cases, however they imagine eating fruit might affect them, are most certainly benefited by this exact program.

Then it is appropriate to do liver cleansing and liver and gall bladder stone flushing. The liver must be healed in order to get the thyroid to be totally well. It is as important as removing the irritants from the diet.

Finally, we should go to work immediately on the adrenal and thyroid glands themselves to give relief while healing diet and liver. For this, there are many good formulas and I shall give you one that you can make yourself that I feel holds the title for the thyroid and is at least a contender for the adrenal glands.

It is:

  • 2 parts kelp
  • 2 parts Irish Moss
  • 1 part of each of: bayberry bark, chickweed herb, hawthorn berry, raspberry leaves, wheatgrass, licorice root, coltsfoot, sheep sorrel, schisandra berries

Note:  “Parts” are by volume and can be anything you are using: teaspoon, ¼ cup, 1 cup, etc. I have my clients use 6 capsules 3-4 times daily for 3 weeks, then 2 times daily for 3 weeks, then one time daily thereafter as maintenance as needed.

I expect the adrenals and thyroid to be largely healed in 3-6 weeks, if stressors on them are simultaneously reduced. One should notice increases in energy and perseverance and also reduction in inflammation and physical feelings resulting from stress in life. One should feel better in every way, really.

As for cases of overactive thyroid, while this formula may be healing anyway, it is best to get specific guidance for that as kelp and Irish Moss may greatly aggravate the problem.

Thank you for reading.


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