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Weight Management

The MetaLife Lifestyle Empowerment Program is a scientifically tested, natural and long-lasting weight management solution that guides you to make an overall shift to better eating habits, regular exercise, and reduced stress. In fact, it’s so successful in creating behavioral and lifestyle changes, it had earned the recognition from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a diabetes prevention program.


In addition to helping you implement the healthy habits needed for transformational weight loss, MetaLife also includes a unique supplement regimen by Aceva. These proven supplements help you regulate the hormones in your body that are essential for weight loss success. The result? Reduced cravings, increased energy and 24-hour fat burning.


On top of this your entire journey through the program is closely monitored by your personal health coach! This ensures you are losing fat – not muscle – which is key to sustaining weight loss over time.

How we can help you

As part of AlignLife’s comprehensive assessment, our doctors of chiropractic can evaluate the state of your nutrition and diet to identify possible problems. They specialize in teaching patients how to improve the quality of their dietary choices with the help of AlignLife’s functional assessments and food grading program.

Interested in learning more about weight management and how AlignLife can help you? Let’s chat!

Our doctors of chiropractic are available to discuss your health concerns and look forward to talking with you. Simply call 877-254-4654, live chat with us or fill out the form above to get started.

Patient Opinions

Service is excellent! The staff is very welcoming and always receive you with a smile. In just a few days you feel the changes in your body and I look forward to continue seeing improvement. Not only you get healthier, is a change of lifestyle and they guide you all the way. Get an evaluation and give it a chance!! 🙂

A. Vázquez

I’ll be honest, I was always a little skeptic of chiropractic services, I had never set foot in a chiropractic office, but after two months with AlignLife I am seeing progress. I had developed severe, tension & stress headaches at the end of 2021.. my primary doctors only solution was to “get up and walk around more.

Nicholas Duncan 

The power to heal is in you. Let us help you find it.


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