Homemade Hummus and Its Amazing Health Benefits

homemade hummus - chickpeas - healthy summer snack

Looking for a healthy appetizer to share at your next party or delicious weekday snack? Give homemade hummus a try! A popular Middle Eastern dip, hummus is packed with vitamins and minerals. Research has even linked hummus and its ingredients to a variety of health benefits! This includes: helping fight inflammation, improving blood sugar control, […]

Wake Up to Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Burrito

For a delicious and healthy change of pace in the morning try these nutrient-rich breakfast tacos, which use no processed meats and are made with healthier wheat tortillas and homemade pico de gallo. While the recipe is not a strictly vegetarian one, it is perfect for lacto-ovo vegetarians (people who eat only vegetables with the […]

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