Why Obesity is an Epidemic

(Health Secrets Newsletter) There is a new game in town that is destroying the health of America and simultaneously causing rampant morbid obesity. This new game is a chemical cocktail attack on the bodies of Americans which results in extreme inflammation. In this article, we will explore what is known about this modern chemical warfare and what you can do to protect yourself.

Inflammation as a major cause of disease is not new. It is at least a reasonable consideration that inflammation is involved with or is the cause of every ill from which we suffer. If that has not been true in the past, it is true today, because no other cause of disease has a chance to take a foothold. The cause of this inflammation is chemical toxicity.

Old school chemical damage may have caused either a reduction in function or inflammation and irritability. Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is a good example. If you were immuno-sensitized to the mercury when it started entering your body, you suddenly started filling up with inflammation as every endocrine organ got saturated with it. If you were not immuno-sensitized to it, then you developed low grade infections in the tissue that was most saturated with it and that tissue simply got weaker and weaker and maybe developed abnormal growths or degenerative diseases.

Today, however, the cocktail of chemicals we are exposed to makes the old days of chemical poisoning feel like your first kiss–a little stressful, but you would gladly do it again. Today we face chemicals from pesticides (which are poured out without measure on crops grown for biofuel), herbacides, non-food fillers in our food, off-gassing from synthetics, toxic personal care products, plastic byproducts in the bottled water revolution, contaminants in our water, chemicals used in dry cleaning and let’s not forget chemtrails and bio-terror experimentation on our home soil! This cocktail, however immediately toxic, culminates inevitably in inflammatory responses to it.

Inflammatory responses create various disease processes in the body. Under the stress of inflammation, minerals and vitamins are depleted, circulatory damage is caused, free radicals spike endlessly, immune response becomes excessive but ineffective, pH lowers, endocrine glands become exhausted, digestion diminishes, nerves become frayed and irritable, periodic illness (like a headache every Friday) rules life, and brain function decreases. During inflammatory responses, circulation stays near the organs of greatest saturation and other organs starve. It is a state of imbalance, weakness, irritability and chronic disease processes.

Because of the nature of today’s inflammatory chemicals, cancer and auto-immune disease are also on the rise. These diseases only exist when certain immune physiology fails. Specifically, cells and messengers that are supposed to stop one phase of immune response and trigger the next are either destroyed, deceived or bound up so that they do not do their jobs. This can, and often does involve the last stage of immune response where clean-up is supposed to follow and break apart all the complex molecules put in place to fight germs, poisons or particles. These complex molecules are called complexes, complements or opsonins. Normally, they do their job, destroy the invader or neutralize the poison and then they are broken down so that tissues can return to business as usual. When this does not happen, ongoing cell damage and tissue weakness will occur. You may get cancer and auto-immune disease or chronic fatigue and neurological failure.

The good news is that your body also has a back-up mechanism for when it is overloaded with immune and inflammatory complexes that are stuck on. It takes all the by-products and even some of the immune-complex particles themselves, and stuffs them into either fat or water. If it is fat you get toxic fat, maybe loads of it, depending on your particular situation. If it is water, your body will not process it and you will build up fluid wherever your body thinks it is safe to put it. You might get both (showing a very watery fat somewhere or everywhere in the body).

Let us regress just a little to discuss obesity by itself. If we can observe a horse that has been kept in a small area and fed oats all winter, we shall see a horse with lots of extra fat. This fat is heavy and flabby and the horse pants when s/he is first worked in the spring again. Quickly, however, this horse burns off the fat and returns to normal. The farmer or cowboy does not expect that the horse will have any difficulty shedding that winter weight quickly. The farmer does not expect that the horse will have arthritis or other pain associated with the fat. The fat is just calories and it comes right off.

Humans are or should be no different whatever. Nor is any other species any different. They all will put on weight if fed nutrient dense food and will burn it off when they have to work for a living again or have to be exercised for a couple of weeks after a long winter. Anyone who has been around horses knows that it only takes a couple of weeks to shed that weight. That is natural obesity.

Absolutely ANYTHING ELSE is another kind of pathology. If pain accompanies the obesity, that is a pathology. If the weight will not come off, that is a pathology. If the person gets hugely obese, that is a pathology. The fat cells themselves are not the pathology, it is important to note. The fat cells are filling up as an adaptation, an effort to absorb what the body feels is an endless supply of toxicity and inflammation. They are providing for survival when death would have been otherwise imminent. For this we should be grateful to our bodies.

Now that we have introduced the problem, let us look at a little anecdotal evidence. I started a few years ago to do primary research on the impact of chemical load and obesity. It began when a family of six related to me returned from almost two years in Egypt. There the family had made considerably more money. They ate plenty, they had luxuries and they had most of their stuff delivered from a nearby marketplace. To their knowledge, they ate as much or more food as they did in the U.S. They did not feel that their choices in food types had changed much. It is interesting to note that they lived in Cairo, theoretically one of the top 5 most polluted cities in the world. Cairo apparently has less of chemical-laden food, however. While there every one of them lost excess pounds, but when they returned to the U.S. they found that they put on all that weight and about 50% more.After this observation I used my position at work to investigate Eastern European seasonal workers, most of whom were more physically active by far than when at home, to see if when they were in the U.S. they consistently gained excess weight. Of those investigated, 100% of them said they had added weight and about half of those felt that it was unwanted weight. A couple in the group had made such seasonal trips to work multiple times. Both of those said that in three months after returning home (to Eastern Europe) they would drop down to “normal” again.This led to an investigation into endocrinology, immunology and practical application with my clients. The result was and has continued to bear out that chemical load is somehow interfering with shut down of normal immune response.

There appears to be four basic categories of problems with immune shut-down which result in inflammation and storage of poisons, and inflammation in adipose cells.1. Direct interference (poisoning) with immune shut-down molecules. This appears to be present with mercury poisoning and in about half of the chemtrails in the Atlanta, GA area.2. In actual low grade infection, some microorganism (almost always a colony involving protozoa, yeast and bacteria) may feed on either the poison itself or the tissue damaged by it. Fungal infections are detected 100% of the time in every case of mercury amalgam poisoning, for example. This appears to be a symbiotic relationship where the microorganism is actually helping to remove the poison from the body, but it is, nevertheless, an infection and is doing some damage. The result is that the immune system attacks it and never shuts down.

3. Direct stimulation (by poisoning) of the immune system to remove the poison from the body, but which is constantly coming in. Immune cells and complexes involved with this process are therefore not in any error when they continuously attack and create inflammation. That continuous attack, however, is indeed harmful to body tissues.

4. Damage to the endocrine and neural systems and organs which causes insufficient production of key immune components or inadequate communication within the body.

Any and all of these problems will, if left unchecked, cause some form of disease. They might, and often do result in use of adipose storage as a buffer. You can think of the adipose cells as a place where both parties agree to go to cease hostilities until a solution can be reached.

The other half of this is that if the solution is not reached, the adipose tissue will NEVER disappear for very long. It may reduce, but it will fill back up with fluid and fat very quickly to offer sufficient buffer to the poisons located there. What we need to do, then, is attack the problem at its roots. In the next few paragraphs, five steps are suggested as possible routes to freedom from chronic inflammation and the obesity and other disease associated with it.

Remove as many of the irritants as possible from your life. This certainly includes water purification, air purification of the best kind for your house, removal of all amalgam fillings, cessation of non-food consumption and avoidance of all body and household chemicals that can be avoided. You can choose non-toxic options where needed. In addition, some kind of buffer for electromagnetic pollution is recommended.

Learn to eat foods that are easily eliminated. In addition to the minimum standard, the more raw food from organic farms, the better. Green smoothies are something that seem to be a great tool, almost a must! Elimination makes the difference between whether the detox reaction from following step 1 kills you or saves you.

Fight the trend. This includes what you watch on television, what you think, what is in your heart about others and what you think about your food when you eat it. Do not give in just because negative thought is a strong trend. At the current rate of things, no conspiracy will have to be levied against humanity to reduce the population; we will angrily and fearfully do it to each other. We can do far better. Do not let your mind be saturated with inflammatory media, whether mainstream or alternative. Stick to matters of enlightenment. If something real and of real importance happens, someone will let you know.

Detox your liver. The new disease for toxic locations in the world is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivityand it is a disease of the liver in which it can no longer process toxins. Instead, the immune system reacts to them. This is a sad and sickly state to be in. Various liver cleanses exist and are usually done in conjunction with juice fasting and consumption of lots of wheatgrass juice. One of these should be used every 30-90 days for a 3-5 day span of time.Follow the Cool, Calm and Strengthen Plan every day. This plan is as follows:
Cool inflammation with liver herbs like dandelion or burdock root taken daily. Turmeric helps with this also by removing inflammatory marker proteins in the blood.
Calm the whole body by regulating the major inflammation control hormone: cortisol. This can be done with any good adrenal food; astragalus works well.
Strengthen the liver and the whole body using superfoods that heal and create vital energy.
You can combine these three steps in the following formula for every day use. This formula helps with mood and overall health:
4 parts Vitalerbs (from Dr. Christopher`s Original Formulas)
2 parts milk thistle seed powder
3 parts turmeric powder
2 parts astragalus root powder
1 part rosemary
1 part licorice root (optional, for extreme adrenal fatigue cases)

Mix powders together and stir into water. Take 1 tablespoon night and morning. Consider 8-16 ounces of white grapefruit juice twice daily to facilitate calming and cleansing from the liver. Rinse with water after to protect tooth enamel.It is important to note that this is a daily maintenance, not a clinical treatment for any illness. If inflammatory processes are stuck on in a sinister way in your body, some specific work may be required. Discussions on specifics should be taken to a local naturopath. This program will cause most people to reduce weight and to feel better right away. It may help support a weak person through the process of finding specific problems and healing them.Sources include:

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Immunology for Medical Students 3th ed.(2004), Nain R, Helbert M, Mosby, Elsevier Science Limited 2002Thanks for reading,Kal Sellers, MH


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