Why You Need to Drink Water After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Woman drinking glass of waterIf you’ve ever had an AlignLife Chiropractic adjustment or a massage, you’ve probably been urged to drink extra water after your visit. Sure, everyone needs to stay hydrated. But why is it important to drink extra water after an adjustment? The simple answer is this: your body needs water to heal. Without enough water to keep your tissues hydrated, it will take longer to help you overcome the health issues that brought you into the office. In addition to helping you get the best out of your treatments and achieve your health goals faster, here are seven other reasons you should drink water after your chiropractic adjustment!


6 Reasons to Drink Water After Your Adjustment


#1: Water helps flush toxins released after your adjustment.

glass of waterDid you know that your chiropractic adjustment helps your body flush out unwanted toxins? We encounter toxins every day through our environment, food, and other products. When you get an adjustment or a massage, the body releases some of those toxins so they can be eliminated through waste. Drinking plenty of water ensures that those toxins find their way out of the body, all while replenishing your body tissues with clean and healthy fluids.


#2: Drinking water prevents any post-adjustment muscle soreness.

You know that sore feeling you get in your muscles after an intense workout? That’s the feeling of lactic acid build-up. You can get that same soreness after a deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, or a chiropractic adjustment as the muscles release their tension and settle into a new position. While it’s normal to feel sore, you don’t have to wait out the ache. Drink plenty of water after your chiropractic visit to flush away that lactic acid and feel better faster.


#3: Water keeps your joints healthy and lubricated.

chiropractor checking man's shoulderAll tissues in the body need water to thrive, including your joint tissue. During your adjustment, your chiropractor will gently adjust your joints and help them move properly. But without enough water to lubricate the joint tissues, the benefits of your treatment will be offset by the damaging effects of dehydration.

Along with drinking plenty of water, you can speed up the healing process in your joints with Aceva Mobility. This powerful joint support formula uses natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to help your joints heal and regain their free range of motion.

Set yourself up for healthier joints and more effective treatments by drinking water after each adjustment and taking Mobility daily.


#4: Healthy hydration reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is at the root of most health conditions – including joint pain. To combat inflammation, we need to stop the problem at its source and prevent it from returning. That means getting a holistic chiropractic adjustment, implementing any lifestyle recommendations from your AlignLife Chiropractor, and (you guessed it!) drinking more water! Water cools and clears away harmful inflammation and helps your body restore its natural balance.


#5: Drinking water instantly improves your energy.

After an adjustment, it’s normal to feel an overall sense of energy and ease. Your nervous system functions better when your spine is in a healthy alignment, which means improved brain power, focus, and natural energy. But even mild dehydration can put a damper on this boost in energy. Drinking water after your adjustment ensures that you’ll enjoy the natural energy boost from your chiropractic adjustment.


#6: An extra glass of water never hurts!

Most people simply don’t drink enough water during the day to stay thoroughly hydrated. An extra glass of water each day can be the difference between feeling sluggish and feeling fantastic. Water helps keep your skin clear, your bowels moving, your organs functioning, and your brain sharp. So, keep the self-care going after your chiropractic visit and drink an extra glass of water!


How Much Water Should You Drink?

asian woman and her daughter drink water

There is no single answer to this age-old question, as the optimal amount of water a person should drink varies. It can depend on your weight, age, activity level, where you live, and several other factors. Estimate the best amount of water for you by first dividing your weight (in pounds) by 2, then aiming for that many ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day. Does that seem like a lot? If so, try the tips below to get your recommended daily water intake.


Tips to Increase Your Water Intake and Stay Hydrated

  • Spread hydration throughout the day. Set your alarm on the hour, every hour from wake-up until 5 or 6 PM. Drink a glass each time it goes off. Or, try downloading a habit tracking app like Strides on your phone to remind you!
  • Get a water bottle that tracks your intake. These can help you stay motivated and see precisely how well you’re keeping up with your daily drinking habits.
  • Add fruit or natural flavorings to your water to make it more enjoyable. Lemon, cucumber, apple, mint, and strawberry are popular choices. Even better, mix in a scoop of Aceva’s Absolute Greens to hydrate and fuel with superfoods.
  • Eat your water. Eat more foods with high water content to reach your daily intake goals. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries are all high in water.
  • Limit beverages like coffee, tea, and sodas that dehydrate your tissues. Replace with water, healthy smoothies, or caffeine-free herbal teas.


Feel Better Faster: Healthy Hydration and Chiropractic

older man taking drink of water outside from water bottleStaying hydrated is essential on any day, whether you’ve had a chiropractic adjustment or not. But on days when you do visit your chiropractor, make an effort to drink a little extra water and help your body make the most of your treatment session. Book a visit with your local AlignLife Chiropractor today to start feeling your best!



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