Use the Summer to Keep Building Your Body’s Natural Defense

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Myth: You should start building your natural defenses for cold and flu season in the fall.

Reality: Summer is the best time to start boosting your immunity to stay strong through cold and flu season.

While most people wait until the temperature drops to care for their immunity, the most impactful time to start prepping is actually months earlier in summer. These extra weeks of self-care can significantly build up your natural defense system so you can power through the most vulnerable time of the year. But how do you prevent a cold months in advance? You build a strong immune foundation. Here we’ll lead you through six ways you can boost your immune system now to stay healthy all year.


6 Tips to Build Your Immunity for Cold and Flu Season in Summer


#1: Fuel up on nature’s summer bounty.

Woman collecting fresh berriesSummer offers many vibrant fruits and veggies, packed with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Make the most of the season by eating as many fresh foods as possible. Some of the best immune-boosting summer foods to snack on are berries, tomatoes, peaches, pineapples, watermelon, bell peppers, and beets.


#2: Start cutting back on sugar.

Got a sweet tooth? Now is the best time to start cutting back. Studies show that sugar (especially refined sugar) can drastically suppress your body’s natural defense system. To build up your immunity by fall, swap traditional sweets for naturally sweet treats. Watermelon, fruit granitas, and dark chocolate are all better-for-you choices that also offer some health benefits. By the time the weather cools, your tolerance for sugar will be reduced and you’ll crave less of those sugar-laden holiday treats.


#3: Get regular chiropractic adjustments for overall health.

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Most people think they only need to get chiropractic care when they’re in pain. The truth is, chiropractic care is just as powerful as prevention therapy! In fact, your immune system is directly related to your spine and nervous system health. When your spine is out of alignment, the nerves that serve the other systems in your body (like the immune system) become compromised. As a result, the immune system isn’t able to defend the body optimally and you are left susceptible to issues like frequent colds or more chronic illnesses.


In addition to keeping your nervous and immune systems strong, our AlignLife Chiropractors help you stay on track with a healthy diet, exercise plan, sleep schedule, or other lifestyle factors that impact your immune system. Book a visit with your local AlignLife Chiropractor today to prevent colds and flu and become a healthier version of yourself by fall!


#4: Supplement with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the immune system. It supports the body’s innate immune response and protects against autoimmune disorders. Studies show that vitamin D also improves lung health and can reduce the risk of issues like allergies and respiratory tract infections – two common health issues in fall and winter. But why supplement with the sunshine vitamin in summer? While it is much easier to get vitamin D in the summer, many people still don’t get the recommended amounts. Additionally, relying on sunshine alone to get your vitamin D also poses a risk of skin cancer and accelerated aging. Instead, get your vitamin D safely with a quality supplement like Aceva’s Active D or Active D Plus year-round.


Aceva Active D – Liquid Vitamin D for Immunity
Active D is a liquid drop that provides a healthy daily dose of vitamin D. This form of vitamin D is highly absorbable and easy to take, especially if you struggle to swallow pills. Along with vitamin D, Active D contains vitamin K2 to prevent the buildup of calcium deposits in soft tissue that often occurs when supplementing with vitamin D alone.


Aceva Active D Plus – Vitamin D + Cofactors for Immunity
Active D Plus goes beyond vitamin D to offer the body a range of vitamins necessary for immune, bone, and brain support. These additional vitamins (A, E, K2, Magnesium, and Zinc) also ensure that vitamin D is properly absorbed and metabolized by the body.


#5: Get in sync with a healthy sleep schedule.

alarm clocks on blue - better sleep schedule

Quality sleep is crucial for a healthy immune system. So, it’s no wonder that many people who skip sleep regularly end up catching a cold or the flu. While we love summer for its long days and burst of activities, it’s still important to prioritize rest. Setting a healthy sleep schedule now will make sure you transition into fall well-rested and with a stronger immune system.


#6: Stock up on wellness essentials.

foods with immune boosting properties

In case you do come down with a case of the sniffles this fall, it’s best to have all the natural remedies on hand so you can recover quickly. Take advantage of your increased energy and the longer days of summer to prepare and care for your future self. Consider stocking up on these cold and flu season wellness essentials:


In the Kitchen


In the Medicine Cabinet


Boost Your Immunity in Any Season with alignlife

When it comes to immune health, you can never be too prepared. At AlignLife, we know the power of prevention. Through immune-supporting chiropractic adjustments, customized supplements, or healthy lifestyle plans, we’re here to give you the tools and guidance you need to enjoy every season with vibrant health. Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, the best time to care for your immune system is now! Give your body the immune boost you deserve. Book your visit with an AlignLife Chiropractor near you today!




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