Play that Pays: Fun Summer Exercises

father and daughter out on a yakak - summer exercise active play

Lace up your sneakers, and let’s get moving with these fun summer exercises! What’s the best kind of exercise? The kind that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. The kind that feels like play! Thankfully, warm, sunny summer days make it easy to get outside and enjoy being active without it feeling like a chore. […]

10 Health Benefits of Walking & How to Get the Most Out of Every Step

two women walking in the city for exercise

Walking and hiking have been growing in popularity as a way to get moving for years. Perhaps one of the best reasons it is so popular is that it’s free and most people – regardless of age or fitness level – can do it! It’s also a gentle, low-impact way to get your body moving. […]

Does Exercising at Night Affect Your Sleep?

Exercising at night - Stretching and warming up

An early morning workout or lunchtime routine doesn’t always fit into our busy schedules. If you want to maintain your active lifestyle, sometimes you have to hit the gym after the sun goes down. But does exercising at night keep us from getting quality sleep?   While the rush of a great workout can leave […]

Can 10,000 Steps Really Change Your Health?

Senior couple using sports technologies

There is no debate that walking and movement is good for us and increasing our physical activity can come with many benefits, but achieving a certain number of steps a day can feel out of reach and downright discouraging in our busy lives. To add to that, what if you’re at a desk all day […]

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