Natural Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

seasonal spring allergies - woman sneezing into a tissue - spring flowers

Ahhh, spring is in the air! Can you feel it? If you’re one of over 25 million Americans, you’re definitely “feeling” it… stuffy nose, tight chest, itchy watery eyes, relentless sneezing. Oh, the beauty of spring (and seasonal allergies).   While allergy medications can help, they come with a host of side effects that either […]

How Gut Health Affects Seasonal Depression

woman sitting by window - seasonal depression - gut health - alignlife

If you’re feeling more gloomy than usual, you’re not alone – winter blues (or seasonal depression) is a real thing! Shorter days, the lack of sunlight, and colder temperatures can make anyone feel dull, unmotivated, and you guessed it… depressed. Whether you’ve got the winter blues or you’re experiencing the more severe Seasonal Affective Disorder […]

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