10 Healthy Micro-Goals Instead of Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when many of us resolve to make new health goals and try to create new healthier habits for the coming year. Unfortunately, for many, that list quickly loses its appeal and is downgraded in priority. A big reason for this is that these goals were too big and the […]

8 Reasons to Try Bone Broth Plus an Easy Recipe

natural collagen - chicken bone broth

Bone broth is one of the world’s most ancient healing foods. Scientists believe it dates back to prehistoric times when food was scarce. Hunter-gatherers would make use of every part of the animal by cooking inedible pieces like bones, hooves, and knuckles into a nourishing broth. Later, bone broth was used by ancient healing traditions […]

When to Buy Organic: How to Shop the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

woman shopping organic produce - dirty dozen - clean fifteen - alignlife

I consider myself someone that is pretty mindful of what I’m feeding myself and my family. Our family aims to achieve a fairly well-rounded diet that includes fruits and vegetables. I have been known to gloat over the beauty of my green smoothies. And I always encourage my children to snack on fruits or veggies. […]

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