The Power of Functional Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Woman eating healthy snack in kitchen - how functional nutrition works

Functional foods help you overcome health issues faster than standard nutrition “diets” alone and benefit the whole body.  If you’ve ever felt revived after eating a wholesome chicken soup, you’ve experienced the power of food as medicine. But food can heal much more than the common cold! At AlignLife, our functional nutritionists put the healing […]

12 Ways Your Sex Life Makes You Healthier

Couple laying in bed - benefits of sex

There are surprising benefits of sex, which extend well beyond the bedroom. Sex not only feels good, but it can be good for you too. This is shown by the fact that sexually active people take fewer sick days. Health Benefits of Healthy Sex Some of the health benefits of having a healthy sex life […]

How to combat PMS

(Health Secrets) Life hands women enough tasks without bogging them down with PMS!  During this unfortunate time, women’s stores of calcium, magnesium, and iron become depleted which worsens symptoms.  However with the right foods, you can help combat and even suppress PMS symptoms. What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS)? PMS occurs when hormone levels become unbalanced due to insufficient production of […]

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