Job Categories: Chiropractor
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Illinois

Associate Doctor (Business Builder) 

Overview of the Position 

The Associate Doctor who is filling a role as a Business Builder has two primary responsibilities: providing clinical care for the patients and building the practice by driving lead generation. 

Reporting Requirements 

The Associate Doctor reports directly to the Clinical Director. 

Skills and Additional Requirements 

  • Empathetic Connector 
  • Striving for Clinical Mastery 
  • Mission and Team Focused 
  • Positive Energy 
  • Strong and Inspired Leadership 
  • Steadfast in commitment of mission of the AlignLife 
  • Have extremely high value for chiropractic care 
  • Deep understanding and appreciation for the patient process

Key Performance Indicators 

  • EXTLEADS External Leads 
  • INTLEADS Internal Leads 
  • NPCONV% New Patient Conversion Percentage 
  • $/VISIT Avg Income/Visit – Integrated Care Plans 
  • PVA Patient Visit Average 
  • NUT$ Nutrition Sales 
  • DME$ DME Sales

Specific Responsibilities 

In maintaining the primary responsibility as the Associate Doctor you must undertake responsibilities including the following: 

  • Conduct a consultation and examination utilizing the AlignLife Communication standards to ensure you capture the patient’s Life Effect. 
  • When clinically warranted, take, analyze, and upload x-rays into the patient’s file. ● Document diagnosis codes for each patient at the conclusion of their Initial examination and update diagnosis codes accordingly during follow up progress exams. 
  • Document all services conducted by charging the appropriate CPT codes for each visit. 
  • Create a customized care plan for the patient based on their goals and your consultation and examination findings. 
  • If necessary, conduct Report of Findings reports starting in a group setting and then breaking down to individual reports highlighting the cause of the patient’s concern. 
  • If necessary, present the recommendations for care to the patient and provide payment options giving them the opportunity to become a patient. 
  • Conduct a 1st Adjustment Phone Call to all new patients. 
  • Conduct Progress Examinations every 12 visits during their Initial Intensive phase of care, followed up by the Progress Report following the AlignLife Communication standards. 
  • Provide daily, focused, table side communication to all patients to drive patient Retention. 
  • Conduct a Better Results faster workshop a minimum of every two weeks with all new patients and their guests. 
  • Ask for referrals, reviews and patient testimonials when appropriate.
  • Perform a Review of Care report for all patients at the conclusion of their first care plan to provide them an opportunity to decide on the next phase of care and get the financial commitment.
  • Participate in all Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly accountability meetings in the office. 
  • Create and execute a comprehensive external marketing plan each quarter including but not limited to Health Screenings, Health Fairs, Community Workshops, Corporate Talks, Dinner with the Doc and Networking. 
  • Engage in all available internal marketing opportunities including but not limited to Patient of the Week, Patient Appreciation Days, and Charity Drives. 
  • Create and nurture a “Network” List to track networking opportunities with other business owners, HR directors, etc. 
  • Post content to social media channels 2-3 times per week. 


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