Healthy Eating Made Simple

(Health Secrets Newsletter) Healthy eating equals increased energy, high performance, sound sleep, elevated self-esteem, and increased alertness to name just a few of its benefits.  Adopting a healthy diet accounts for almost 80% of the performance and aesthetic results a person gets from postitive lifestyle change, not to mention living a higher quality life! We know that 70% of disease can be prevented just by what we eat and drink. So, why aren’t more people adopting a healthy lifestyle?  Some people think it’s too complicated or overwhelming. They don’t know where to start, or it’s thought to be a journey of deprivation.

Today, I’m going to offer a few simple steps you can take to improve your selections at the grocery store thereby leading to healthier eating habits for you and your family,

  1. Drink more water!  Your body thrives on water.  It is made up of water and performs best when provided with lots of pure clean water.  Water should be your primary hydration source.
  2. Read the ingredient list.  If you can’t pronounce it and/or you don’t recognize it – don’t buy it.  Believe me, your body does not recognize such food and will find itself perplexed by how to process it.
  3. Whole foods should be your primary fuel intake.  Start with veggies – the more colors the better!  Eat them raw, lightly steamed with some seasoning, roast them, and grill them. There are so many options.  Try a new veggie each week.
  4. A good rule of thumb: If it came out of the ground or had a mother, it’s a pretty good choice.  Add some lean protein with your veggies at each meal.  Consume more whole foods each day as you slowly replace the processed refined carbohydrates you have been eating.
  5. Get the majority of your protein, vitamins, and minerals from whole foods.  Your body recognizes them and knows how to process them most effectively. Supplement with a whole foods powder like Absolute Greens.
  6. Don’t drink soda!  Diet or regular, it should be totally eliminated from your healthy lifestyle.  Soda doesn’t have one redeeming quality and can be equated to poison for your body.  Drinking soda is like putting bad gas in your car and expecting it to run effectively.
  7. No high fructose corn syrup.  No trans fat.  No hydrogenated oils. No exceptions.
  8. Fresh fruit does a body good.  Have a serving before each meal.  Get creative on how to incorporate fruit into your new lifestyle.  Use it as a snack, follow it with a small amount of protein (a few almonds or nut butter) and you will be surprised at how it satisfies you.  Experiment with different types of fruit – its an easy snack to carry with you.  Just be sure to eat more veggies than fruit.
  9. Portion control is key to successful weigh loss and maintenance.  Listen to your body, eat only when you are hungry, and stop eating when you are satisfied.  Small, well balanced portions, every 3 to 4 hours is all your body needs to perform at peak efficiency.  Ask yourself “Am I hungry?” before eating, but don’t wait until you are starving to eat.

Eat foods that help you perform at your peak throughout the day and make smart satisfying choices.  You are your own best friend.  Trust yourself and make healthy changes that will become habits with food.  People have different fuel needs, there is no one right way.  The right way is the one that works for you. Once you begin eating “clean” whole foods, you will begin to notice what foods make you feel good and what foods contribute to not feeling strong, energetic and healthy.  You will be able to make better choices based on how your body responds to various types of food.  As you begin to provide high quality fuel for your body you will notice high quality performance, better sleep, more level energy, and amazing improvements in your skin appearance.  Enjoy this transition to a healthy lifestyle – the fun is in the journey!


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