The Many Benefits of Walking
As fuel prices edge closer to $4.00 per gallon, many of us are looking for ways around those constant fill-ups at the pump.  Also, as we’re coming out of a long, cold winter and into the nicer spring season, shaking off those foul-weather doldrums is a pleasant prospect.  So, consider this: walking.  It is a viable alternative to driving to some of your closer destinations.  Plus, walking has an added benefit: it is good for you! 
An average-sized person can burn over 300 calories per hour through brisk walking.  Which is better, burning expensive gasoline or a fair number of those pesky calories we love to take in?  Walking also improves circulation, enhances cardiovascular health, lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.  For diabetics, walking helps the body more efficiently process sugar.  It keeps you strong and acts as a natural mood-elevator.  (No pills necessary!)
Driving, on the contrary, is sedentary, provides no muscle benefit and can be stressful.  So, get out there and take that first step toward good health.  Your wallet will appreciate it, too!

Comments from Dr. Esposito

You can start increasing your walking by simply parking at the farthest aspect of a parking lot when you go shopping. That will force you to get moving. However, before you begin walking longer distances, I recommend that you purchase supportive shoes designed for walking (no high heels ladies). Using shoes that are virtually slippers for the outdoors or shoes with no arch support will eventually cause a breakdown in the structure of the foot and consequently cause pain. Unfortunately, the average American spends a significant amount of time standing on concrete, which is quite unforgiving, and is known to breakdown the normal mechanics of your foot. Without proper support, this process will accelerate quicker than you would expect.

If you notice an odd wear pattern in the back of your heels and/or you experience foot pain while walking, you should have your feet checked by a chiropractor who specializes in ankle and foot conditions. The foot pain and the abnormal wear pattern are signs of a condition called “pronation” which is caused by a collapse of the normal arch support of your foot. If you are suffering from a fallen arch, it will not only cause foot pain but it can lead to chronic knee pain and lower back pain.

Repositioning the bones in the foot with specific chiropractic adjustments and casting a custom orthotic to support your foot (as pictured below) will decrease pain, reduce your risk of arthritis and get you back into a healthy walking program!

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