Forget Energy Drinks: Get Energy the Healthy Way

Are we willing to accept the double to triple levels of caffeine found in the energy drinks our kids are consuming compared to what we drank at their age? If we are, we must prepare for the adrenal exhaustion that will occur by the time these kids are ready for college.  If we are not willing to accept that picture, we must discover how to help them (and us) get energy the healthy way.


Boost Energy Naturally with this Superfood-Packed Drink

Absolute Greens is the best alternative to canned or bottled energy drinks, and lets kids get energy the healthy way. This superfood powder increases energy naturally while maintaining and enhancing health.


Absolute Greens contains a huge variety of certified organic fruits and vegetables, at a potency that provides the equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in every scoop.  Research has shown that consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is the best way to achieve protection against the insults we face from our environment.


Research has also shown that the beginning stages of heart disease start during adolescence in the form of microscopic plaquing, suggesting the need for a serious concern about our children’s eating habits, and equally as important, what we provide for them to eat. In addition, we know our children consume on a daily basis only a fraction of the fruits and vegetables they require for good health, their number one vegetable being french fries!


To offset the approaching adrenal exhaustion, kids will turn to high-sugar foods to create short-term energy and mood enhancement.  The result of this is long-term weight gain.


Adding Absolute Greens to your daily routine will not only keep you from falling into those afternoon slumps the healthy way, but it will also help you fill nutrition gaps, reduce the risk of disease, and create sustained long-term energy in both your kids and you. This is something bottled or canned energy drinks can never do!


Why Absolute Greens Works for Kids, Adults & Athletes

The 50 different superfoods contained in Absolute Greens provide the body with the necessary raw ingredients to create energy from within. It does this without the side effects and the threat of caffeine toxicity that comes from canned energy drinks.


In regard to athletes, it is vital to maintain a neutral body pH which will prevent muscle strains, tendinitis bursitis,  and other common musculoskeletal disorders.  Absolute Greens is a very alkaline formulation that will assist an athlete in maintaining a neutral pH, increasing endurance, and preventing injury.


So instead of reaching for temporary fixes like caffeine, energy drinks, and sugar snacks, go green with your daily energy drink of Absolute Greens



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