Why Avocado is Good for the Heart

avocado makes you happy

The avocado could be the crown jewel in a healthy plant centered diet, even though it is not a vegetable.  Learn what it can do for you.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

funny little girl on the beach eating watermelon and making funny face.

Who would have thought the common watermelon is packed with so much nutrition? Most of us are surprised to discover that there’s any nutrition at all in this traditional summer treat. The common perception about watermelon is that it’s low-calorie fruit, mostly water with taste, harmless, but not a good choice for nutritional value. Wrong! Watermelon […]

Get the Truth about Sea Salt

Is salt the evil villain behind high blood pressure and disease? It’s time to put aside the common wisdom and learn the real truth about sea salt.

Safe Plastics for Storing Food and Drink

Many consumers are familiar with the potential health hazards of plastic containers for foods and beverages. Harmful chemicals can leach into the foods or liquids stored in these containers and bottles. Of course, one remedy is to avoid plastic food containers and bags completely.   But this is usually not practical for most of us, so […]

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