Why Avocado is Good for the Heart & Other Health Benefits

woman holding an avocado - avocado health benefits

When it comes to health benefits, the avocado could be the crown jewel in a healthy, plant-centered diet, even though it’s a fruit, not a vegetable. Often ignored by weight watcher types because of its high-fat content, avocado’s high and complete protein content makes it a great heart-healthy option and can also help you lose […]

9 Tips to Winterize the Whole Family

sick woman drinking hot tea

With cold and flu season in full swing, what measures can you take now to ensure you or your family members are not sidelined with nagging colds, earaches or send-you-to-bed flu symptoms? Here are nine easy tips to help you get winterized… and it all starts with boosting your immune system. Probiotics Probably the most […]

10 Great Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily

10 great reasons to drink lemon water daily

Take the lemon in your water the next time it’s offered. Not only is it a great way to help you boost your water intake, but an unsweetened glass of lemon water (especially first thing in the morning) also provides your body with some great health benefits. Warm or cool, drink it straight up or […]

Health Benefits of Watermelon

funny little girl on the beach eating watermelon and making funny face.

Who would have thought the common watermelon is packed with so much nutrition? Most of us are surprised to discover that there’s any nutrition at all in this traditional summer treat. The common perception about watermelon is that it’s low-calorie fruit, mostly water with taste, harmless, but not a good choice for nutritional value. Wrong! Watermelon […]

Seven ways cayenne pepper help the body heal

Cayenne comes from chili peppers, and is most often found in powdered form. But there is nothing to stop you from consuming chili peppers directly for their cayenne. If you want to pay attention to the heat index of the cayenne you consume, it is best determined with powdered cayenne. The heat generation index for […]

Get the Truth about Sea Salt

The simple truth about sea salt may surprise you.  It does not cause high blood pressure and the host of ills for which it salt is  blamed.  Most of the bad reputation of salt is based on the premise that a high sodium intake creates high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks and […]

Safe Plastics for Storing Food and Drink

Many consumers are familiar with the potential health hazards of plastic containers for foods and beverages. Harmful chemicals can leach into the foods or liquids stored in these containers and bottles. Of course, one remedy is to avoid plastic food containers and bags completely.   But this is usually not practical for most of us, so […]

Want to Get Rid of Brain Fog? Try SuperBrain Yoga!

young mother practicing yoga in One Legged Downward-Facing Dog pose morning yoga

Want to lift brain fog and get in a better mood?  Try SuperBrain Yoga!  This simple exercise with unusual results was recently revealed in a Los Angeles CBS News report.  The exercise has an MD, a Yale neurobiologist, an occupational therapist, educators, and parents endorsing it. The results of SuperBrain Yoga are improved mental and emotional […]

Food Cravings? Give Your Body What It Really Wants

Can’t shake those food cravings, even if you’ve given up the standard American diet of processed and chemicalized food? Cravings don’t need any drug or alcohol stimulus to overcome us. Cravings have more than one motive or causality. A slow detox from the bad diet, while eating healthy over time, encourages toxin elimination. And there […]

8 Great Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

Few things are more enjoyable than eating chocolate, and now more and more health reasons for eating dark chocolate keep coming in.   Why dark chocolate? The darker the chocolate (less sugar, milk, and other ingredients), the more cacao it contains. The benefits of chocolate come from cacao, which is the seed pod of a particular tropical […]

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