Roasted Garlic Parmesan Carrots

roasted carrot recipe

Young or old, picky eater or willing-to-try anything, these roasted garlic parmesan carrots are a win for any dinner table, family holiday, or as a dish to share with friends. The best part about it, this side dish is super simple to make and take no time to whip up. Just 5 minutes prep and you can easily cram this healthy side dish into a full calendar.



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Carrots 101: How healthy are they?

mucus fighting foods - Close up view of carrots and some other vegetables

Carrots are a popular root vegetable. Eat them raw as a sweet, crunchy, go-to snack. Steam, saute or roast them for a delicious hot side dish. However you choose to prepare them, you can rest easy knowing they are highly nutritious and great for your overall health.  In fact, many say they may just be the perfect health food!



Some of the top health benefits of carrots are:

  • Good for your eyes. Rich in Vitamin A, carrots can help prevent age-related vision loss for many.
  • Lowers risk of cancer. A good source of antioxidants, the carotenoids and anthocyanins that give them their unique color have been shown to lower the risk of cancer. 
  • Good for your heart. The potassium found in carrots can help keep your blood pressure in check, while the fiber can help you get to and maintain a healthy weight!
  • Help build your immune system. The vitamin C in carrots helps your body build antibodies to boost your immune system, as well as help your body absorb iron-rich foods.
  • Help fight mucous from colds and allergies. Carrots contain phytonutrients that are powerful immune system boosters. In addition, they contain silicon which helps strengthen connective tissues and aid in calcium absorption.



Nutritional breakdown of 1 serving of carrots (½ cup):

  • 25 calories
  • 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of fiber
  • 2 grams of sugar
  • .5 grams of protein



What your body gets from 1 serving of carrots (½ cup):

  • 73% of your daily requirement of vitamin A
  • 9% of your daily vitamin K
  • 8% of your daily potassium and fiber
  • 5% of your daily vitamin C
  • 2% of your daily calcium and iron



Bottom line on carrots

You can’t go wrong with adding any type of carrots to this week’s healthy but delicious menu!




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