Natural healing for adrenal fatigue

(Health Secrets) Did you want to take advantage of the long summer days – enjoy the barbecues, fireworks, road trips, and everything that summertime offered – but it seemed that the more fun stuff you did, the more you just wanted to crawl into bed? Some people simply cannot handle the normal stimuli that others around them process just fine. The loud noises, the crowds, the increased conversations and activities can exhaust people with adrenal fatigue syndrome. Natural healing for adrenal fatigue may be the answer.

The brain constantly reacts to information and signals, working with the adrenal glands and other parts of the body to make sense of everything. Some people’s adrenals are overloaded from processing information. Exhausted adrenals not only mean you tire easily, they also open the door to serious health concerns, such as type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and heart problems. Thankfully, there are natural ways to manage the condition before it worsens.

Sleep and naps 

Adrenal fatigue syndrome often affects sleep, making people tired in the morning and often feeling like they are sleepwalking until 10am, and then again in the afternoon. Going to bed at a fixed time daily can establish a routine that helps even out energy levels. Limiting the amount of food you gobble down in the evening may also help you sleep better. Whenever possible, sleep in until at least 9am.
Another tip is to take naps or at least lie down a couple of times during the day. The ideal times are around 10am and between three and five in the afternoon. If you get breaks at work, try to match them as close as possible to these times and spend them resting.

Diet and adrenal exhaustion

There is a lot you can do with your diet to improve adrenal fatigue syndrome. Getting sufficient protein helps. The general guideline for protein intake for females is around 46 grams daily for teenage girls and adult women. Teenage boys need around 52 grams and adult males need 56 grams. You should consume about 2/3 of your protein at breakfast and the rest at lunchtime. Adding unrefined carbohydrates and healthy oils with protein enhances the effects.

Although it may seem obvious, avoid junk food, especially sugary foods and items with stimulants that can mess with your energy levels. It is crucial to get a good five to six servings of veggies per day.

Herbs for adrenal fatigue syndrome

Herbal remedies for adrenal fatigue can go a long way to reducing your symptoms. Herbs are particularly useful for stress management and sleep improvements. Ginkgo biloba has a range of benefits, including reducing stress, increasing peripheral circulation, and providing neuroprotective effects. For best results, look for products that have 24 percent ginkgo flavones and glycosides with 6 percent bilobalides and ginkgolides.

Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend Ashwagandha root. This herb is used traditionally for people with sleep issues related to stress.  According to them, take 2 grams of whole root twice each day, or up to 7 grams. Using the herb before bedtime may help you overcome insomnia.

Rhodiola rosea is useful for managing fatigue as well as lowering stress levels. Research has also shown that it can improve mild depression and boost mental performance. Typical doses are 3 to 12 grams daily.

Living with adrenal fatigue can make you feel tired and stressed most of the time. Simple things like searching for reasons to laugh and setting aside time for exercise and having fun can make the condition easier to manage. You should always discuss your symptoms, lifestyle and diet with your health practitioner.

For more information:

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