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Thanks for your interest in writing for AlignLife’s Premiere Health newsletter called Health-N-HabitsHealth-N-Habits has launched a worldwide Health Education Campaign designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to assist in educating the world about natural health while generating passive income for their contributions.

Are you ready to join the ranks of those Health-N-Habits writers who are committed to unveil the corruption and dysfunction of our current healthcare system while empowering individuals to enhance their health naturally? Are you committed to spreading the word about the real truths and the real options available to help society embrace a true health care model?

As an Health-N-Habits writer, you will submit health-related articles and receive an ongoing revenue stream through associated advertising campaigns that are linked to your articles. Your articles will remain online indefinitely creating a revenue stream that continues long after you write the article.


What You Need to Know About Becoming an Author

Article & Author Requirements

1. We encourage Health-N-Habits writers to contribute a minimum of 1 article a week (you may contribute more if you like)

2. Articles should be 400 to 2,000 words in length.

3. You must submit “ready-to-publish” articles therefore strong writing and editing skills are important. Writing quality must be highly professional. Training or experience as a news writer is preferred.

4. You must be willing to agree to our strict terms of non-plagiarism. If a writer used plagiarism they will be liable for any claims against the writings.

5. You must write health-promoting articles not opinion or satire pieces. Articles should be factual news reporting articles. Our overall focus is to promote healthy eating, toxic free living, disease prevention, proper use of supplementation to manage conditions and medical mishaps.

6. You must submit a Google AdSense ID since you will be paid from Google for ads on your article pages. If you need help creating a new Google AdSense account click here.

Benefits of Writing for Health-N-Habits

Each Health-N-Habits writer will have a byline under the title stating their name and the date of the article as well as an “About the Author” section that will allow the writer to describe them self, their passion, their health experiences, etc. The “About the Author” section will appear at the end of the article. You’ll also receive these additional benefits:

  • Immediate revenue for articles that have been accepted. Passive revenue will continue long after the article was written.
  • A comprehensive web interfaced designed to make the writing process seamless and enjoyable
  • If desired, you can submit your articles anonymously but still enjoy the passive revenue that’s generated
  • Full Search Engine Optomization providing more powerful exposure on the web/span
  • All news articles are syndicated via RSS reaching thousands of new clients.

Getting Started

If you would like to assist in spreading the word about natural health while generating passive income click here to get started as a writer for Health-N-HabitsHere is a list of desired topics to write articles:

  • Toxicity
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Infection Risks
  • Pediatric Health Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Cancer prevention
  • Chiropractic
  • Pediatric
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Drug Complications
  • Pharmaceutical Agency
  • FDA Corruption

Submitting Articles for Edits & Approvals

Any contributing writer can submit articles using our simple web interface. All articles will be reviewed by an editor and either be accepted or rejected. If small changes are required they will be made, however the editor will not re-write or make major corrections to your article. There is no application process but if three articles in a row are denied you may be asked to discontinue contributions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and When Will My Articles Appear?
If approved to be a Health-N-Habits writer, your article will be indexed on the site within approximately 4 weeks but no guarantees are provided.

Can I participate from outside the United States?
With regards to Health-N-Habits, there are no restriction on the location of writers. However, you must have a Google AdSense account and any restriction by Google on location will prevent you from becoming a writer.

Is this a lucrative program?
You will be paid based on the amount of Google ads that are clicked from your article page. The more people that are enticed by your article and click to read it, the more money you will make. Additionally, the more content (articles) you submit to Health-N-Habits, the greater your passive income will become.

If you are becoming a contributing writer simply for revenue than you may be disappointed. Although our newsletter subscriptions are growing each and every day, the subscription base is still young. However, each article will remain on Google for the long haul and you will continually make more money year after year as long as you meet the minimum submission requirements mentioned above. The more articles you write the more revenue you will generate. We can not provide an expected payout because different articles receive a different number of readers and the subscription list is growing every single day.

May I contribute articles to Health-N-Habits that I submitted to other sites or my own site?
We require you to submit articles exclusively to AlignLife. The identical article can not be used on other site unless some modifications are made to your content and you wait a 90 day period of time.

The action of filling out the application below states that you accept the Writer’s Terms of Acceptance.


Simply fill out the application below and get started today!


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