Minimizing Your Cravings

Think before you eat.

Sounds like good advice, but the war between the mind and the tastebud won’t be won by a catchy phrase. No, the power to overcome will be a mix of energy between what you know to do and your will.

So, that being said, what’s up with ‘20 minutes?’
“Most [cravings] go away within 20 minutes,” says Susan Roberts, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts University in Boston, advising to take your mind off the craving and hold off till it passes.
Other tips for conquering the crave include knowing the times of day such cravings arise. If you know you have a sugar crash around 3 p.m., be prepared with a healthy snack.
Believe it or not, sucking on mint or smelling mint hand cream can curb your yearnings faster than any vending machine snack in the company break room!

Comments From Dr. Esposito

The twenty-minute period is a tug-of-war between insulin and cortisol levels trying to balance your blood sugar. To reduce the sugar-balancing stress to your endocrine (hormone) systems, I would recommend the following four steps:

1. Increase fiber intake with each meal to slow the digestive process and reduce excess sugar in the blood.

2. Supplement your diet with 1-2,000mg of EPA/DHA to create more sensitive and efficient insulin management.

3. Eliminate consumption of soft drinks as they contain excessive levels of sugar.

4. If you suffer from imbalanced blood sugar levels that cause mood disorders, fatigue, cravings, etc., take 2 tablets of Sugar Balance before each meal.


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