Feeling Overwhelmed with Work, School, and Life in General? Here’s How To Rise Above It

Business woman feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Feeling overwhelmed lately? You’re not alone. People around the world are feeling more overwhelmed than ever, in what some experts are calling “The Great Overwhelm.” Here’s the bad news: being overwhelmed is a common experience and one that you are likely to feel many times throughout your life. Usually, it resolves as your workload lightens […]

Top 4 Reasons Kids Lose Focus

young girl sleeping at her desk in a classroom

Does your child lose focus in school? Do you find it hard to keep their attention at home? Do they feel like their brain is a big cloud of confusion? Children want to learn and participate, but issues like brain fog and focus issues can sabotage their every effort. Thankfully, chiropractic can help.  Trouble focusing […]

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