Increase Slow Metabolism with a Metabolic Reset

middle age woman celebrating weight loss and fitness goals - how to increase metabolism

Metabolism converts food into energy. But when it slows, sometimes we need a metabolic reset. Here are our top ways to increase slow metabolism. Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep the metabolism we had at 12 well into our old age? Unfortunately, like many things, metabolism shifts with time.  While it’s natural for […]

8 Exercises that Boost Metabolism

woman outdoors jogging - exercises that boost metabolism

Finding it harder to keep weight off as you age? Try these exercises that boost metabolism.  One of the biggest obstacles on the road to weight loss is a slow metabolism. No matter how much dieting you do, if your metabolism is sluggish you may not burn calories or fat fast enough to feel (and […]

10 High Thermic Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

Foods that speed up metabolism - high thermic foods

Food can also speed up your metabolism by increasing your metabolic rate to digest, absorb, and transport nutrients. But not all foods have a high-thermic effect. Feeling sluggish or tired all the time? Do you struggle to lose weight despite eating less? These can be signs of a slow metabolism.  The good news is that […]

How to Stop Sugar Cravings and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Woman hiding behind table looking to satisfy her sugar cravings with a cupcake

End sugar cravings with these healthy lifestyle tips that still let you enjoy a sweet treat without the added sugars.  If you find yourself reaching for that sweet treat more often than you’d like, you’re not alone. Sugar cravings are a common struggle for many, and understanding the underlying factors can be a crucial step […]

The Science Behind Stress Belly: Causes, Effects, and How to Beat It

Woman measuring stress belly - belly fat

Weight gain isn’t always tied to overeating. Hormones like cortisol could also be playing a part, leading to “stress belly”. Are you feeling a bit bigger around the middle lately? Have you noticed that it all started after being under increased or constant stress? What you’re experiencing is more than just weight gain – it’s […]

Can Food Sensitivities Cause Weight Gain?

woman stepping on to scale to check weight goals - weight gain - weight loss

Trying to reach your weight loss goals and not seeing any progress? Maybe it’s time to take a look at what you’re eating, not just how much. Food sensitivities could be playing a part! You’re eating less, you’re exercising regularly, and you’re managing your stress. But you’re still not seeing any change on the scale. […]

Are You Skinny Fat? Take a Look at Your Visceral Fat

woman measuring her waistline - know your numbers - visceral fat - skinny fat

Simply being thin is not necessarily an indicator of health. In fact, a person with “normal” BMI can still have high amounts of visceral fat lurking under the surface creating a “skinny fat” phenomenon.  When it comes to fitness, numbers matter – both on the scale and off. While most of us gauge our fitness […]

11 Ways to Lose Belly Fat & How it Can Overhaul Your Health

man measuring waist - burn belly fat - lose belly fat

Burning belly fat not only trims your waist, but it can help overall your health as well. Follow these tips to lose belly fat with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Carrying extra weight around your middle? You aren’t the only one. In fact, nearly 60% of American adults fall into the “abdominal obesity” category – […]

How to Go Gluten-Free & 5 Reasons It Will Make Your Gut Health Happy

woman enjoying a gluten-free salad at home

“Gluten-free” is no longer a term used only by the Celiac community. Now, gluten-free foods and diets have become popular among those with digestive problems, chronic pain and inflammation, and thyroid issues, plus those looking to simply improve their gut health. Has your doctor recommended you try a gluten-free diet? Or perhaps you are just […]

The Real Truth About Breakfast Being the Most Important Meal

Healthy winter breakfast in bed. Woman in woolen sweater and shabby jeans eating vegan almond milk oatmeal porridge in bowl with berries, fruit and almonds. Clean eating, vegetarian food

Growing up, many of us learned that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. With a fully belly first thing in the morning, we should be ready to take on the challenges and obstacles of the day with ease and energy – right? Not necessarily. Scientists, doctors, and nutritionists are now questioning the […]

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