Play that Pays: Fun Summer Exercises

father and daughter out on a yakak - summer exercise active play

Lace up your sneakers, and let’s get moving with these fun summer exercises! What’s the best kind of exercise? The kind that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. The kind that feels like play! Thankfully, warm, sunny summer days make it easy to get outside and enjoy being active without it feeling like a chore. […]

Does Exercising at Night Affect Your Sleep?

Exercising at night - Stretching and warming up

An early morning workout or lunchtime routine doesn’t always fit into our busy schedules. If you want to maintain your active lifestyle, sometimes you have to hit the gym after the sun goes down. But does exercising at night keep us from getting quality sleep?   While the rush of a great workout can leave […]

Six Exercises to Tone Up Your Thighs Without Going to the Gym

woman doing a side lunge

Feel like any extra weight you carry goes straight to your thighs? Join the club with millions of others! The sad truth is, we really don’t have a say in how our bodies hold and store fat. We also have little control about where in the body fat loss occurs. For example, crunches alone do […]

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