4 Best Sleeping Positions for Low Back Pain 

woman stretching and waking up refreshed after a good night sleep

Tired of back pain interrupting your sleep? Learn why and how these sleeping positions may be the key to more restful nights. After a long day, most of us look forward to climbing into bed and getting a good night’s sleep. But for many people, bedtime means back pain. If you’re one of the millions […]

4 Simple Reasons for Brain Fog

confused mature woman with brain fog sitting at laptop

In a fast-paced world, it seems more common than ever to experience bouts of confusion, forgetfulness, or just the inability to focus. Often these lapses in clarity are symptoms of a larger issue. Brain Fog is a state in which your brain experiences a state of overload and has trouble communicating its immediate needs to […]

Afternoon Slumps? Here’s How to Keep Your Energy Up All Day Long

A female entrepreneur and businesswoman is working on her start up company in her office. She has fallen asleep at the office with her head on her desk. Empty coffee cups are on the table.

It’s just like clockwork. When 2PM rolls around, you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, your mood turns sour, and you have the irresistible craving to close your eyes, just for a minute. You muster every ounce of energy you have just to finish a simple email, and are desperately searching for something sweet in […]

Why Healthy Sleep Matters to Your Overall Wellness

woman sleeping in bed

Getting quality sleep is key to reaching your health goals. Check out the many benefits of healthy sleep below.  Healthy sleep patterns and habits give your body superpowers. Yet for many of us, it’s the first thing to go when life gets messy or we want to get ahead of our to-do list. But we […]

Does Exercising at Night Affect Your Sleep?

Exercising at night - Stretching and warming up

An early morning workout or lunchtime routine doesn’t always fit into our busy schedules. If you want to maintain your active lifestyle, sometimes you have to hit the gym after the sun goes down. But does exercising at night keep us from getting quality sleep?   While the rush of a great workout can leave […]

Can’t Sleep? 7 Simple Changes to Better Rest

Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem and alarm clock showing time

As life gets busier, it’s easy to question how much sleep we really need. Laying in bed for a third of our day seems unproductive when we could be catching up on work, organizing the house, or even relaxing in front of the TV for a bit longer. If cutting out sleep adds a few extra […]

Meditation Helps Clear Your Mind and Destress

woman doing lotus pose on patio - morning yoga session - meditation

For many, it’s been a difficult and stressful time. But you can help restore calm, peace, and balance through meditation. Meditation can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. Not only can it help calm your day, but it can help with certain health conditions. When you meditate you clear your mind of information overload, which […]

Five Basic Things You Can Do To Boost Your Immune System

little girl drinking water

Whether you’re deciding to stay home or whether you’re still going out doing your activities of daily living, Dr. Kevin Day, AlignLife of Warsaw, shares some basic things you can do to boost your immune system:   #1: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  Water helps carry oxygen to your […]

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