How to Eat Healthy: Your Summer Guide with Our Top Tips

friends eating healthy on a beach vacation

Good weather and summer celebrations are around the corner – and so are the hefty barbecues and beach party treats. Thankfully, hot days don’t have to mean hot dogs. Whether you want to stay on track with your healthy diet or you need a total diet overhaul, these tips on how to eat healthy and […]

How to Sneak More Greens into Smoothies

Green spinach smoothies in jar with chia seeds - AlignLife Healthy Recipes

Green smoothies are a fantastic way to get your greens! But we get that not everyone loves greens and some (kids especially) are turned off by the green color. Here’s a sneaky way to make your green smoothie lose its green. The secret ingredient to a blue-green smoothie is frozen blueberries. Blend up your greens […]

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