Get Better Digestion with Pineapple

slice pineapple on a wood cutting board - mucus-fighting foods

Going out for dinner? Forget the wine, and bring a pineapple instead. Nothing tastes better than freshly juiced pineapple. Look at its geometric-patterned skin and spikey green leaves. In the Colonial U. S., families used the pineapple as a centerpiece that became the symbol of welcome and hospitality. Today, pineapple is a symbol of good […]

Lose Weight with a Full Plate

woman reading book on beach

Eat More, Weigh Less This Summer Want to lose weight and keep it off forever? If so, it’s time to go in a new direction — think outside the box.  Forget about diets and starvation, and start doing what really works. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to think […]

When is the best time to take supplements?

More than fifty percent of adults in the United States take dietary supplements, but many people don’t consider the best time to take supplements. Among the most popular supplements – including multivitamins, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and vitamins C, D, and E – are ones that offer more benefits when taken in the morning while others […]

Six Herbs that Help Heal Lungs and Throat

fresh chayote

Several age-old remedies exist to heal lungs and throat while relieving a nagging cough.  Here are the six  top remedies that heal lungs and throat, including two popular European medicinal herbs (coltsfoot and mullein) and four plants from Chinese medicine. Balloon Flower – Platycodon grandiflorus (Campanulaceae) A heavy bloomer with star-shaped flowers, Balloon Flower is […]

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