Top 4 Reasons Kids Lose Focus

young girl sleeping at her desk in a classroom

Does your child lose focus in school? Do you find it hard to keep their attention at home? Do they feel like their brain is a big cloud of confusion? Children want to learn and participate, but issues like brain fog and focus issues can sabotage their every effort. Thankfully, chiropractic can help.  Trouble focusing […]

4 Simple Reasons for Brain Fog

confused mature woman with brain fog sitting at laptop

In a fast-paced world, it seems more common than ever to experience bouts of confusion, forgetfulness, or just the inability to focus. Often these lapses in clarity are symptoms of a larger issue. Brain Fog is a state in which your brain experiences a state of overload and has trouble communicating its immediate needs to […]

5 Reasons to Have a Morning Yoga Practice

seated pose - morning yoga

There are so many wonderful benefits to moving your body in the morning and taking time to get centered before you start your day. Incorporating a morning yoga practice into your day can really set you up for success in many ways. Morning yoga routines can take on many forms, from moving and stretching to […]

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