8 Mobility Exercises and Tips to Improve Joint Flexibility and Function

man stretching on the beach, mobility exercises

Having tight and stiff joints can feel like being trapped in your own body. If you want to move with ease or achieve higher athletic goals, then it might be time to start focusing on mobility. Sometimes the key to improving your flexibility is not just about being more active. It’s about doing the right […]

6 Reasons to Give Chair Yoga a Try

Woman practicing chair yoga at home

Not quite ready to “hit the mat” or simply need a mid-day stretch at the office to get you through? Then chair yoga may be for you! The great news about chair yoga is that you can do this modified yoga practice if you are struggling with limited mobility, balance issues, or stubborn stiffness… without […]

5 Reasons to Have a Morning Yoga Practice

seated pose - morning yoga

There are so many wonderful benefits to moving your body in the morning and taking time to get centered before you start your day. Incorporating a morning yoga practice into your day can really set you up for success in many ways. Morning yoga routines can take on many forms, from moving and stretching to […]

Why You Should Add Yoga to Your Exercise Routine

Smiling women holding yoga mats

Yoga as a practice has been around for over 5,000 years, so it is likely there might be something to it. Some of the more common reasons people give yoga a try are that it can offer you stress relief, be a physical practice that helps with overall fitness, or serve as a complement to […]

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