How to Prevent Arthritis & Reduce Risk of Painful Joints

senior woman with arthritis pain in hands - how to avoid arthritis pain

According to recent reports, in the United States alone, 24% of all adults live with arthritis. Now, you might be thinking that arthritis is something you deal with when you are older or in your retirement years. But again, the facts tell a different story. More than half of those dealing with arthritis pain are […]

Everyday Aches & Pains: Is It Inflammation?

woman waking up stopping alarm clock

Ever wake up with body aches and pains and wonder what you did? Inflammation could be the source! But here’s a surprising fact. Inflammation isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your body. In fact, it can be a good thing in some cases. That’s because inflammation is your body’s way of defending itself from simple […]

Selenium Purifies the Body of Mercury

While high levels of mercury are often found in large species of fish, a more important factor to consider is the relative amount of selenium the fish contains. Selenium, also abundant in seafood, actually helps remove mercury from the body. Thus, consuming certain types of seafood (and other foods) that have a high selenium to […]

Honey Heals Stubborn Wounds

A new type of wound dressing based on the chemical structure of honey has been found to cure stubborn wounds that refuse to heal under traditional dressings in over 70% of cases. Scientist Professor Paul Davis, part of the team behind the invention of the home pregnancy test, has used honey as his inspiration for […]

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Arthritis

An estimated one in three adults in the United States is dealing with arthritis. Although many of us associate arthritis with aging, almost two-thirds of people suffering from arthritis have not yet reached the age of 65. In many instances, there are natural treatments that can help you find pain relief from arthritis, even when […]

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