3D foot imaging

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. But did you know only 1% of us stand correctly without proper foot support? That’s where our 3D Foot Imaging comes in. Not only it is amazingly precise, but it helps us correct any issues and guide you on your path to peak performance and health.


Our 3D foot scanning technology is a game-changer when it comes to improving your overall health. That’s because the foot-spine connection is far more important than many may think.


Fallen arches or an unstable foundation puts unnecessary stress on your body. This can cause foot, back, neck, hip, and knee pain. It can lead to poor posture and abnormal foot function. It can impact your sports performance. And, it can increase your risk of injury in the future. 


Want to know how well your feet are supporting your body? Set up an appointment for your 3D foot scan At AlignLife of Sugar Hill and find out if you can benefit from a custom orthotic! 

AlignLife of Sugar Hill can help you correct and improve your posture from the ground up!

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