Chiropractic Assistant – Ooltewah, Tn

The Front Desk CA is ultimately responsible for ensuring a WOW customer service experience and the patient’s adherence to their Chiropractor’s clinical recommendations and AlignLife office policies. This includes coordinating all aspects of the patient experience by managing the patient schedule, office flow, patient files, and active patient payments, and by overseeing internal marketing campaigns. The Front Desk CA consists of two roles, Check-In CA (CICA) and Check-Out CA (COCA), that can be broken out into two positions once the clinic reaches a certain volume of approximately 200 visits/week.

Skills and Additional Requirements
● Positive Energy
● Great with people, friendly and welcoming
● Strong Leadership skills
● Ability to say “No” or Correct and Redirect with a Smile
● Love interactions and busyness and capable of doing 4 things at once
● Kind and empathetic
● Steadfast in commitment of mission of the practice
● Have extremely high value for chiropractic care
● Deep understanding and appreciation for the patient process
● Sincere admiration of and great respect for the doctor
● Great with Finances and have a healthy relationship with money

Specific Responsibilities
In maintaining the primary responsibility as the Front Desk CA you must undertake
responsibilities including the following:
● Conduct Morning/Closing Daily Tasks to prepare the office to start seeing
patients and close down at the end of the day.
● Conduct a Morning Huddle each morning ensuring that you stay on track and
adhere to the agenda.
● Greet all patients by name, have them sign in and check them into the EMR
● Manage office flow
● Call on Missed Appointments to Reschedule same day.
● Inform doctors of patient arrivals for Initial Visits and Reports
● Make reminder calls for all Initial Visits and consults.
● Print Detailed Day Sheet for providers to initial
● Promote all clinic events with hand-outs, flyers and communications
● Answer all incoming phone calls if Check-Out CA is unable
● Check-out all patients
● Process all nutrient sales
● Manage patient accounts (OTC monthly payments, Autopayments, etc)
● Handle all incoming phone calls
● Retrieve and return phone messages
● Complete tasks for 3 Day Flow
● Conduct Plan of Care Follow Up
● Schedule future appointments, reschedule missed appointments
● Schedule patients and encourage guests at Better Results Faster Workshop
● Print schedules
● Inventory Management
● Conduct Financial End of Day Close Out
● Receive prospect information from screenings
● Manage patient gifting
● Manage Patient of the Week Program
● Manage Testimonials
● Promote all clinic events with hand-outs, flyers and communications

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