Stand Behind a Branded Chiropractic Wellness Business

AlignLife most comprehensive chiropractic wellness offerings. We offer an integrated approach that includes hands-on chiropractic, active rehabilitation and clinical nutrition.

Leverage the most integrated chiropractic franchise to create the practice of your dreamsChiropractic entrepreneurs have a chance to embrace a larger service offering by joining the $70 billion wellness industry.  We are excited to share our specialized business system, our signature nutrient line and the advanced marketing protocols that position the AlignLife opportunity at the pinnacle of wellness franchising. 

Whether you are starting a new practice or running an existing practice, AlignLife has a program designed specifically for you.


Make Wellness Your Business

AlignLife has mastered the chiropractic wellness business model and our outstanding franchise team is ready to support you and your AlignLife clinic.

We’re seeking strategic franchise partners to help build on our success with their own as part of the multi-billion dollar wellness industry.

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Our History Is Our Strength

Dr. Joseph Esposito opened the first AlignLife clinic in Bloomington, IL, in1999 and started on day one with an interest in an integrated healthcare experience for his patients.

He was also challenged by the difficulties of creating an integrated experience of multiple services.He was quickly humbled by his lack of academics in business training and office management. He was also challenged by the difficulties of creating an integrated experience of multiple services.

Dr. Esposito used a combination of extensive post-graduate clinical training in chiropractic, rehabilitation and clinical nutrition with hands on experience of opening five clinics in multiple states in six short years.

He diligently used as many practice management consultants as possible to understand practice system and has now mastered the chiropractic offering.

As a diplomate in multiple chiropractic specialties, Dr. Esposito understands how to integrate multiple services in a profitable business model.



Two Major Realizations about the Chiropractic Profession


Over the years Dr. Esposito has had two major realizations about the chiropractic profession. The first realization is that many doctors embrace consultants who provide general practice management manuals with periodic phone consultations. However, he noticed that doctors used less than 10% of the information because it did not pertain to their individual technique, philosophy, software, office flow, office layout, billing system, etc.Doctors use less than 10% of the information He met hundreds of doctors who were emotionally charged from the consulting but financially broke. This revelation led to the vision of providing practice management in a franchise model to allow doctors to embrace 95% of the tools because all franchisees will be using the same software, name, office flow and layout, allowing them to integrate all systems.


The second realization is in regards to the business of chiropractic. He realized that most doctors began practice as an associate in order to raise money to open their own practice.The economics of this model never workedHowever, the economics of the model never worked. The average wage of an associate, coupled with the high cost of the professional degree and the la rge investment of opening a new clinic created a formula for failure. Doctors became long-term associates with excessive debt, low morale and a loss of purpose.