Powerful Health Benefits of Tea

The health buzz word associated with green tea is ‘antioxidants.’  Its leaves, loaded with flavonoids  and other polyphenols, act as antioxidants to lower the risk of some diseases.  “While numerous studies have found possible benefits, the actual benefits of drinking tea are not certain,” said the report.

But there’s the catch. What else are you consuming?  Green tea may be one of them and that’s good – but studies of its benefits are “limited because factors other than tea consumption could influence results.”

Black, oolong, green and white teas are known to have benefits that positively affect your cardiovascular system, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  Green tea in particular was found to have benefits in reduction of inflammation related to arthritis and improvment of bone mineral density in earlier lab studies.

There is still much to discover about tea benefits, but scientists are strongly convinced that more is waiting for you in the tea cup than in supplements or tea extract capsules.


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