All Adults Should Take a Daily Multivitamin

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Why should I take a multivitamin?”

Ideally, we would all get our essential vitamins and minerals from our diet, but according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), most of us do not. With this finding JAMA recommends taking a multivitamin as one way to promote better health. In the study, “Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults,” the authors see the “low cost of taking a multivitamin as ‘insurance’ against sub-optimal nutrient intakes” (Fletcher & Fairfield, 2002).

Multivitamin use can have varying short- and long-term health benefits.

Some short-term benefits can include:

·         increased energy

·         stress reduction

·         enhanced immune function

Long-term benefits include:

·         cardiovascular health

·         decreased risk of osteoporosis

·         improved eye health and brain function

Vitamins and minerals are required for normal metabolism, growth, and general well being. A single deficiency of any vitamin or mineral can endanger the whole body. Many people believe they are eating the ‘right’ foods, and getting the proper amount of essential nutrients in this way. Of course, eating a balanced diet is one way to obtain some of the vitamins and minerals you need. The problem is, few of us get a truly balanced diet. According to one U.S. Government survey of 21,000 people, not a single person obtained 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for each of ten basic nutrients. Processing, storing, and cooking reduces the vitamin content of foods. Foods can also be adversely affected by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and soil conditions. Nutrients are also adversely affected by smoking, alcohol consumption, and numerous health conditions including obesity and chronic illness.

What is different about AlignLife Daily Balance Multivitamins? 

Daily Balance is a unique, comprehensive, 40-essential nutrient formula that provides you four products in one:

  • Super potency B complex plus (14 vitamins)
  • Minerals (10 fully available elemental forms)
  • Mixed vitamins E, selenomethionine, and tocotrienols (enough to lower cardiovascular risk by 60%)
  • Cell alkalinizers and energizers (16 for complete effect)

Daily Balance provides:

  • Purer, more active nutritives
  • No oxidants (like iron and copper that compete with and degrade antioxidants when they are mixed and stored together in a bottle).

Simply said, Daily Balance is one of the best multivitamins on the market.  Daily Balance user Marilynn Decker recently emailed Dr. Mercante of AlignLife of Summerville and said  “I used to take a multivitamin that upset my stomach, so I stopped taking it. Daily Balance never gives me an upset stomach and I feel more energized all day. Thank you for recommending this product.”

A good multivitamin can give you reassurance that you are obtaining the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for good health. Whatever your specific nutritional needs, a multivitamin should be the foundation of any nutritional supplement or vitamin regimen and will significantly increase the effectiveness of the other supplements you take.


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