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Every day of our lives, we’re exposed to toxins, there’s just no avoiding it. Many of those toxins cause immediate health problems, such as exposure to gas or vapor that causes trouble breathing, while others build up in our systems and cause symptoms down the line, like pesticides in our food. The more toxins stored in your body, the greater your risk of disease. Excess toxins can cause classic symptoms such as chronic fatigue, mood disorders, insomnia and weight gain. AlignLife helps patients remove these toxins from the body.

Detox and Lose Weight

Toxins find a home

Most toxins find themselves at home in the body’s fat cells, preventing people from losing weight, regardless of diet or exercise.

Your body will slow its metabolism to prevent fat cells from shrinking and releasing toxins into the bloodstream.

Completing the Ultimate Body Cleanse prior to weight loss efforts encourages easier and more permanent results.


Less Toxins

Toxins stored in your body are commonly known as Environmental Endocrine Disrupters or “EEDs”. This simply means toxins damage the normal hormonal processes in your body causing fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of sex drive, insomnia and weight gain. Balance your hormones by cleansing your body and regain the energy and vitality you have been longing for.

Less Cravings

The Ultimate Body Cleanse has a secondary benefit of balancing blood sugar which plays a major role in reducing the risk of numerous chronic diseases and many common symptoms. One of which is sugar cravings. Complete the cleanse and decrease the daily fight with your sweet tooth making lifestyle changes and weight loss easier and more permanent.

More Mental Clarity

Balancing blood sugar and reducing the toxic load on your body will have a significant effect on concentration and mental clarity. Balancing blood sugar with the Ultimate Body Cleanse may bring back the competitive edge you need on the field or in the boardroom. If you have recently lost your edge or your creativity it may be time to detoxify your body.

The Ultimate Body Cleanse Difference

Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from health conditions caused by the negative effects of toxins in the body.

Based on clinical research, AlignLife’s Ultimate Body Cleanse is formulated to safely remove toxins from different bodily systems over the course of ten days.

The nerve-damaging pesticides on your food, toxic sweeteners in your soft drink, harmful chlorine in your water, cancer-causing chemicals in your dry-cleaned clothes and hormone-disrupting poisons in your Styrofoam coffee cups are certain, it’s just a matter of how much of those toxins your body has absorbed.




Remove Toxins

BioCleanse provides specific nutrients and amino acids to support your liver’s ability to bind to and eliminate harmful toxins from your body.


Support the Liver

Liver Cleanse supports liver health and promotes the mobilization of toxins which is an essential step of detoxification.


Heal the Gut

Digest and Protect helps to repair the gut lining and improve digestion to limit toxins from entering the bloodstream.


Enhance the Immune System

The glutamine and PAK in Gastro Immune Support will provide the essential nutrients necessary to create a more resilient immune system.


Eliminate Parasites

Over 30 percent of Americans have a parasitic infection, whether they are aware of it or not. Removing unknown and unwanted parasites with Parasite Cleanse is a critical component of the Ultimate Body Cleanse.

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