Sleep More, Weigh Less

A six month research program in the U.S. has studied the link between sleep patterns and weight loss, and has concluded that people who regularly have between six and eight hours sleep a night are more likely to succeed at weight loss programs than those who sleep less or more. It appears that poor sleep

Fight Obesity with Omega-3 Fats

A recent study, conducted by the University of Newcastle in Australia, indicates that higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce obesity. Researchers found that Omega-3 levels of those people at a healthy weight were 15% higher than in those considered obese. Omega-3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs. Large amounts of Omega-6 PUFAs are known to

Minimizing Your Cravings

Think before you eat. Sounds like good advice, but the war between the mind and the tastebud won’t be won by a catchy phrase. No, the power to overcome will be a mix of energy between what you know to do and your will. Entonces, that being said, what’s up with ‘20 minutes?’ “Most [cravings] go away