How to Avoid Abundance Disease

Diabetes, like many modern diseases, is a disease of multiple metabolic process breakdown. Diabetes, sí mismo (meaning the diagnosed condition) is actually the last stage in the process and is the outcome of a long line of disease that was subclinical. En este articulo, we shall discuss diabetes with this in mind and talk about prevention

Deadly Drug Approved for Continued Use

Regulators in the U.S. have decided not to ban the diabetes drug Avandia, although evidence suggests it could double the risk of heart failure. Avandia, which has the generic name Rosiglitazone, is given to people with type 2 diabetes to help them reduce their blood sugar levels. It is prescribed to millions of diabetics worldwide,…

Exercise Has Dramatic Effect on Diabetes

A recent study indicates that combining aerobic exercise with weight training may be more effective in managing Type 2 diabetes than either method of exercise alone. More than 250 Tipo 2 diabetes patients between the ages of 39 y 70 were divided into four groups. The participants were not regular exercisers before the study began.

Coffee Increases the Risk of Diabetes

  Blood sugar levels jumped 250 percent higher after male volunteers consumed caffeine an hour prior to eating low-sugar cereals, interfering with the body’s response to insulin, said an article reported by United Press International. This jump in blood sugar was found to make the body “’resistant to insulin which in turn makes our blood-sugar levels

Diabetes Risk Increased with High Fat Diet

Northwestern University researchers, sin embargo, recently discovered an additional drawback. High-fat diets can quickly cause changes to the body’s internal clock. This can have a negative impact on appetite regulation, leading to an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. The study comprised two separate groups of mice that were kept in total darkness. Both groups ate normally