Make Easter Safer with Homemade Egg Dye

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Coloring boiled eggs has been a longtime Easter tradition. So has including plenty of milk chocolate and other sugar-laden candies. However, many of the food dyes commonly found on grocers shelves are synthesized from petroleum derivatives and even coal tar. This year, provide a healthier Easter for your children by making your

Exercise Boosts School Grades

  Children that exercise are likely to get better grades at school than those that don’t according to a review carried out in Holland. The review was undertaken amid fears that the pressure on schools and pupils to achieve high academic grades could reduce the emphasis on physical education and school sports, which would then

Resurgence of Rickets

  Rickets, the crippling childhood bone disease that causes stunted growth and deformities, appears to be re-emerging in the UK despite the fact that it is believed to have been eradicated many decades ago. Rickets, which is caused by a lack of Vitamin D, should be very rare in Western countries. Rickets causes softening and

Poor School Lunches

Your child’s school lunch would most likely fail if it had to meet any of the standards taught in health class. I recently reviewed my son’s school lunch options. At first I laughed out of shockthen I cried. Actually, I am not sure if we could officially categorize some of the items as food. According to Webster’s Dictionary

Obesity Risk Drops Amongst Children

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday, Mayo 27, 2008 that Childhood Obesity is actually leveling off after a 25-year gaingood news for kids but experts wonder if it’s just a ‘statistical fluke.Such were the concerns raised by Dr. David Ludwig, director of an obesity clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston about the report. “Unless

Do Our Kids Really Need More Drugs?

As if our children’s breakfast of Ritalin and Prozac wasn’t enough, new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (A.A.P.) are recommending cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins to our children starting as early as age 8 in hopes of preventing heart problems as adults. The push to aggressively screen and medicate for high cholesterol in children