Studies Prove You can Actually Raise Your IQ

(Boletín de secretos de salud) IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. Contrary to common misconception, IQ does not measure a person’s actual intelligence, but rather is measurement of one’s problem solving abilities. It has long been thought that a person’s IQ remains fairly stable from very early in life. sin embargo, new studies have found just the opposite, indicating

End Your Pet’s Joint Pain

(Boletín de secretos de salud) As dogs, cats and other “fur-kidsage they become prone to calcification, joint pain and other spinal and joint problemsespecially if they have been fed mostly canned and dry pet food. Veterinarians typically offer primarily symptom relief via mainstream drugs. Naturaleza, por otra parte, can provide a lasting cure and,…

Three Steps to Become Allergy Free

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Let’s get the cat out of the bag right away and reveal that those allergic responses you or your family members may be having are really autoimmune responses to viruses, dietary irritants, chemical warfare residues in the air, bacterias, and toxic thinking. To a large degree, these irritants are within your control.  …

Should You Change Your Diet?

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Changing your diet can both heal and hurt you. Understanding this is vital to navigating from the common diseased state to a state of perpetual health. En este articulo, we shall discuss evidences for and against major dietary change and its impact on metabolism and digestive health. We will begin with a discussion of

Spices Stop Blood Clots Better Than Drugs

(Boletín de secretos de salud) Spices do a whole lot more than liven up food. Research has found that the active ingredients in several common spices can help keep you alive by preventing platelet aggregation and blood clot formation up to 29 times better than aspirin, offering a much safer alternative to anti-clotting drugs such as Plavix.

Cherries Can Improve Your Sleep

A pilot study by research scientists has shown that tart cherry juice can reduce insomnia and help your sleep. The study was conducted by researchers from two universities and the VA Center of Canandaigua, and their findings were published in the June 3, 2010 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food. Hopefully, cherry growers and distributors won’t