In 2004 while working as an hospice RN, I was seriously injured. By 2007, I was mostly in a wheelchair and rudely told by the neurosurgeon to: "Just use the wheelchair, shut up, take the morphine and learn to deal with it". I was on over 20 prescriptions including multiple psychotropic medications. When I left the neurosurgeon's office that day I knew something had to change. Prayer led me to chiropractic which changed my life. Within a few months, I lost 50 lbs, put my cane and wheelchair in a closet and parked my scooter in the house. I have gotten off almost all medication. After 30 years in the Health Care Industry, I have gladly walked away from allopathic medicine. The rapid, positive results made it easy to undo 30 years of brainwashing. I continue to struggle with lung disease and CFIDS but I am able to remain functional through alternative health and nutrition. My goal in life now is to share my story with others and teach the truth about pharmaceuticals, nutrition and health care.