Are You at Risk for Osteoporosis?

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and are more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, osteoporosis can progress painlessly until a bone breaks. These broken bones, also known as fractures, occur typically in the hip, spine, and wrist.  Any bone can be affected, but of

Leptin and Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet out there and still can’t get the weight off? Si es así, there may be a hormone to blame. Many people are beginning to learn about hormones and the key role they play in weight loss. Not every diet is right for every person and hormones play a major role in deciding

¿Podría ser un mejor paciente??

Seis pasos para ser un mejor paciente Actualmente es difícil encontrar un buen médico. Cuando encuentres uno, ¿Cómo puede usted, como paciente, contribuir a la relación médico / paciente de una manera positiva?? Intente adaptar estos seis pasos a su próxima visita. Paso 1: Tu médico no puede hacerlo solo. los…

The Damaging Effects of a Coke

  Have you ever wondered why Coke comes with a smile? According to a study conducted by Dr. Wade Meredith in November of 2006, this is what happens to your body when you drink a coke. In The First 10 minutos: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t

Do Our Kids Really Need More Drugs?

As if our children’s breakfast of Ritalin and Prozac wasn’t enough, new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (A.A.P.) are recommending cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins to our children starting as early as age 8 in hopes of preventing heart problems as adults. The push to aggressively screen and medicate for high cholesterol in children

Are Prescription Drugs the New Cocaine?

An analysis of autopsies in 2007 released this week by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission found that the rate of deaths caused by prescription drugs was three times the rate of deaths caused by all illicit drugs combined! The report’s findings track with similar studies by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, which has found that

Exercise Has Dramatic Effect on Diabetes

A recent study indicates that combining aerobic exercise with weight training may be more effective in managing Type 2 diabetes than either method of exercise alone. More than 250 Tipo 2 diabetes patients between the ages of 39 y 70 were divided into four groups. The participants were not regular exercisers before the study began.

Natural Cures for ADHD

  The rate of Ritalin use in the United States is at least five times higher than in the rest of the world, according to federal studies. But concerns about side effects have prompted many parents to look elsewhere: as many as two-thirds of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, have used some