10 good reasons to eat grapefruit

citrus grapefruit

Grapefruit is the forgotten fruit, but it’s chocked full of health benefits. Find out what choosing grapefruit at the grocery store can do for you.

Treat Skin Rashes with Natural Remedies

Skin rash is a common term that describes an outbreak of red bumps on the body that changes the texture of the skin. A skin rash can be the result of many different conditions, ranging from allergies to infections. This article addresses how to naturally and effectively treat common skin rashes, especially those that are caused […]

Know the Truth about Blood Pressure

Drugs for high blood pressure do not promote healing nor do they prevent heart attacks and strokes. Here are the natural medicines that restore health.

Slow Heavy Menstrual Flow Naturally

You don’t have to accept heavy bleeding and cramping every month! Learn how to slow heavy menstrual flow and control cramps the natural way.

Natural treatment for fibromyalgia

Mainstream medicine has very little to offer as treatment for fibromyalgia. Find out why natural treatments can bring real relief and even true healing.

12 ways to relieve painful gout naturally

Gout is a disease where crystals, due to excessive uric acid in the blood, settle in the joints causing intense arthritic pain. Here are twelve ways to feel better naturally.

Prevent Memory Loss Naturally

Little memory lapses take on new meaning as the years go by. Find out how to keep the memory strong and the mind sharp through your lifetime.

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