Kimberly Weaver has written for numerous health organizations over the years, covering topics of natural health, wellness, lifestyle tips, and more. As a mother of four, she is passionate about educating families on natural health solutions and creating healthy habits and recipes that kids will love too!

chicken gyros

Grilled Chicken Gyros

It’s safe to say that I love pretty much any chicken recipe. But there’s something about this mix of fresh and tangy flavors that has my mouth watering the minute the words Grilled Chicken Gyros (pronounced YEE-ros) hit my weekly meal plan. Better yet, my kids also love it… although some deconstruct it on their…

Avocado deviled eggs with greek yogurt

Healthy Avocado Deviled Eggs

If you love deviled eggs, it doesn’t get any better than this. This healthy deviled egg recipe swaps the mayo with two nutrient-dense ingredients that your body will love! Deviled eggs are a perfect treat to take to holiday dinners (Easter brunch and Mother’s Day are two of my favorites for these). You can also…