Adrenal and thyroid glands can make or break your life

(Health Secrets) In today’s world, the stress on the adrenal glands is almost unconscionable. Yet, the adrenal and thyroid glands function as sentries between stress in your life and malfunction in your body. Repairing the adrenal glands is of paramount importance to anyone seeking to restore their health. The thyroid is connected to the adrenals and, […]

Fava Beans Raise Hormone Levels Naturally

A few years ago I had a student who complained that she was being driven crazy with hot flashes and did not want to go on hormone therapy. She decided to come see me professionally. I spoke with her and quizzed her about her diet. She had been following our health program exactly. I figured […]

Three ways to get the most from supplements

The supplement business is making billions of dollars in this country today. ‘Experts’ who never spent a successful day in practice are creating formulas that sound good and sell well, but that do not heal or support natural healing. This problem is happily perpetuated by consumers who would much rather buy a supplement and throw […]

Understanding pH and the gut healing diet

(Health Secrets) What we eat is as important as how we eat. Previously we have discussed gut pH and its relationship to chewing, stomach function and food reactions. We have uncovered the relationship of the pH of the gut to food reactions and to blood pH. In this article, we will discuss the actual dietary […]

Understanding pH and food reactions

In part1 and part 2 of this series on understanding pH, we discussed the role of chewing and the role of the stomach. While those are the most important parts of the discussion, there is a key job that must be done here at the small intestine where food reactions can occur. What happens at the small intestine […]

Understanding pH and the stomach

(Health Secrets) Part one of this article discussed the importance of balancing the yin and yang elements in the body, and the need for restraint in the face of fads such as the current mania to alkalinize.  We focused on the digestive tract, beginning with the wonders that can be achieved simply by chewing ones […]

Understanding pH and body acid/base balance

(Health Secrets) It is time for understanding pH. Acidity and alkalinity (pH) are popular topics in natural health circles these days, but people would do better have a true understanding of pH and to concentrate on the role and state of the gut. In fact, the pH of blood, which is what everyone is talking […]

How to Improve Your Vision and Eye Health

Would you like to improve your vision and eye health? The health of the eyes reflects the internal health of various organs, the fitness of the digestive system and the state of the mind. In this article we will explore these connections to help you improve your vision and keep healthy eyes for life. In the […]

Are Your Protein Choices Working For You or Against You?

Are you getting enough protein? The answer to this question probably depends on your protein choices.  Protein deficiency is shockingly common, and is often caused by protein choices gone wrong! Many functions in the brain and body depend on adequate amino acids that can only be gotten from protein intake. Yet the surprise is that […]

Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attack and Natural Healing

Some say that everyone dies from cardiovascular disease. This is because, at some point, the brain stops receiving oxygen and we die. Whether this is a fair rendition or not, it certainly is true that cardiovascular disease has killed more than any war in modern history and more than any other life-threatening disease. This need […]

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