5 Secret Causes of Belly Bloat and How to Beat It

Woman on couch feeling bloated

Can’t get rid of that belly bloat no matter what you do? Belly bloat isn’t always a sign you’re carrying around excess weight. If diet, crunches, and cardio aren’t doing the trick, look over these five causes of belly bloat. They may just give you the information you need to get the flat stomach you’ve […]

Quickest Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

young woman eating healthy after workout to lose weight

Losing weight can be a struggle no matter your age, gender, or ancestry. It can also feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when all those low-fat diets, pills, and pre-packaged meal plans don’t work how you’d hoped they would. Eventually, you start to feel like a failure. But, don’t give up yet. Here are […]

Eat Fat to Get Fit: The Keto Diet Explained

healthy fats

Have you tried diet after diet only to lose the weight you wanted and then gain it all back? If so, the keto diet may be for you. Millions of people just like you are so frustrated with trying to lose weight, they’re ready to give up. Don’t give up yet. There are a lot […]

7 signs you’re a natural health foodie

For some people, the switch from the Standard American Diet to a more natural, holistic diet creates a night-and-day difference in their health. After years of suffering, chronic health problems clear up, medications are tapered off of or discontinued permanently, and a new lease on life develops. Sound familiar? If so, your quest for better […]

Are you suffering from vitamin deficiency?

Have you been feeling tired, weak, fatigued, and under the weather, seemingly for no reason? If your doctors can’t figure out what’s going on, you may be suffering from vitamin deficiency symptoms. Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency Vitamin deficiency symptoms vary depending on the nutrient you are deficient in. However, there are some common tell-tale signs […]

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