Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

young girl helping mom with laundry chores

Looking for some creative ways to keep your kids busy (and off screens) during summer break. AlignLife is here to help! These eight time-tested summer fun activities will keep your kids active and having a blast! They feature a mix of activities that promote responsibility, creativity, and hands-on learning that will change those “I’m bored” […]

FAQs about Chiropractic Care

woman getting a chiropractic neck adjustment

As we gear up for fall allergies and cold/flu season, it’s time to address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about chiropractic care and how it can help your overall health.   What should I expect from my chiropractor? Chiropractors provide a wide range of care, which include helping provide relief from injury or illness such […]

Meditation Helps Clear Your Mind and Destress

woman doing lotus pose on patio - morning yoga session - meditation

For many, it’s been a difficult and stressful time. But you can help restore calm, peace, and balance through meditation. Meditation can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. Not only can it help calm your day, but it can help with certain health conditions. When you meditate you clear your mind of information overload, which […]

Bumps to Babies: Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Helps

9 months pregnant young woman holding hand on her belly, she is sitting on bed and hold ultrasound image of baby

There are many hormonal and physical changes you’ll experience during pregnancy. Some of these will impact your posture and comfort. As your baby becomes heavier, your center of gravity shifts and your posture adjusts accordingly. That’s why chiropractic care during pregnancy is an important part of your prenatal care routine. Why chiropractic care during pregnancy […]

Can Chiropractic Help Prevent Injury?

man working out in gym grabbing his shoulder from a sport injury

Chiropractic care helps athletes and those looking to improve their fitness levels prevent injuries. Physical activities like daily exercises and sports can help improve your health. They also put a lot of stress on your body overall. In fact, putting your body through physical activities can result in painful sprains, strains, or even tears if […]

7 Health Tips for Dads

Man, wife and child - young cheerful family having fun at dining table.

Since we recently celebrated dads around the world for Father’s Day, now is the perfect time to remind those we love to stay fit and healthy. Why? So we can continue spending time with them for years to come, of course! Here are our top men’s health tips for dads (but really anyone can benefit) […]

How to Support Your Feet So They Can Support You

chiropractor testing foot mobility

Whether you’re are a marathon runner, mom-on-the-go, weekend golfer, or just love going for a stroll, you probably aren’t giving your feet the credit and attention they are due. This is a major oversight because your feet and pelvis share the crown of being the “foundation of the body”. That means the strength and stability […]

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